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  1. Gotta smoke the whole plant before I decide. Smelling of chem, chocolate, and fruit so far.

  2. How's the terps and frost level compared to the Wizards Apprentice F5 you grew out? I remember really regretting passing those up.

  3. Ace. Look forward to your updates. Meph and NO, along with Roc Bud Inc are the breeders I stick to.

  4. Right!?!?! So how do the zuzk autoflowers stack up the NO and Rocbud?

  5. Ya must got some big rips of her right b4 this smoke report! Epic report, I am very greatful and happy you got a great yield. I am surprised she's quickish and beat out Queens Banner to tge finish

  6. Oohh, I grow only autos myself. I prefer a 24hrs cycle to keep internode spacing tighter. I flower with a 40 DLI and veg under a 30 DLI. Just style I choose. I love Night Owl and Rockbudinc. Night Owl is consistently larger. Goodluck with your grow bud. DLI is different than using a photoperiod than autos.

  7. Just finished up rough trimming my 2nd Blue Sprayed Shoes Remix ( two five gallon buckets worth) = 10-Big mouth quart mason jars worth. I love NightOwl Genetics too bro

  8. Yeah, I remember seeing your posts, you did a beautiful job! Gorgeous and huge. Which Night Owl are you growing next? Dud you get SM&Q and Scoopski from tge last drop? I grab as much as I can. Gonna pop a Saint Expiditus (Zamaldelica Express F4S1).

  9. Honestly, I don’t find any autoflowers “consistent.” What I will say is this—I find Night Owl’s F1s to be more consistent with the description than it’s competitors (Mephisto, Twisted Tree, Gnome) who produce F4-7s. RocBud actually is pretty fire—but he gives no descriptions for the strains. I’d take an unknown Night Owl F1 over any other breeder, except for a known RocBud seed. If you are truly looking for consistency, Gnome is probably going to be the best. But they won’t be the best in terms of yield, potency, or bag appeal.

  10. I couldn't agree more with you! Night Owl and Rockbudinc are tops for me. Along with Binary Selections (Ronin and Magic Strains) and Ethos.

  11. U can’t grow wrong with his genetics! Good luck on getting them it’s getting down to slim pickings! Some people say his germination rate is low but me I’m 3-1 on germination and the first time I didn’t do the paper towel method but after that they all pop for me. However there are some sites that sell his seeds but not many.

  12. I'm 100% germination rate! Just popped a Bloody Runtz! 24hrs and she cracked her shell in a Honor The Plant seed starter.

  13. Cannot go wrong. Also check out Blueberry Slushy F5 from Roc Bud Inc. Definitely the frostiest auto I've ever seen and heavy blueberry terps! Such a good strain!

  14. Yeah!! Love Rocs gear, so happy the NO/Rocs collab came back. Scoopski.

  15. Right?!?! Epic drop! The Zamaldelica Express F4S1 came with 8 seeds a peice! I am popping one in a couple days!

  16. I grown plenty autos outdoor. They seem to stretch more but they will get bigger. Atlas, Sensi seeds, mephisto, and Rockbud all will do well outside. Checking out some Error seeds right now and so far I'm impressed.

  17. Phenomenal! Bravo! Your a very talented grower! Thank you for sharing! I have plenty of his genetics and just rename em since there's just so much hate. Even in your comments, when clearly gorgeous! You must be proud!!

  18. I'd say it's a Sativa leaning hybrid. Not super sativa like some other strains I've grown.

  19. Awesome! Which ones would you really run again? Is Artic Sunset a keeper?

  20. https://www.reddit.com/r/Craftmarijuana/comments/ypc38t/holy_fuck_i_grew_these_im_having_a_proud_plant/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

  21. You did an amazing job!! 👏 That's a great idea on renaming since there's such a stigma and I'm over it. I just want some different genetics to add since they'll be gone forever. I think it's best to show, we can take his strains and own them ourselves. Rename fo sho!

  22. I was just looking out … do what you want… he’s a fuckin snitch too … your cool with that too , huh? Troll someone else

  23. Wtf? Are you saying? I’m not into dudes or cops… is this Chris? What you going to have me swated? Man fuck you…

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