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  1. In the 4Kidz dub, belle mare was left in the dungeon even after arlong was defeated. Also, because the straw hats never went to little garden, it's entirely possible Dory and Broggy were killed

  2. I'm pretty sure the setting of spy x family is based on east Germany/west Germany back when they were two seperate countries so I guess it could be a field trip? I mean still unlikely given that it's a class of 6 year olds and a like 3 year old

  3. Wasn't Garp a grandfather figure, not father?

  4. Ehhh I always saw him as a great uncle figure even to luffy.

  5. I first saw the picture with no caption so at first I thought this was, like, the school having a field trip there yes, kind of in poor taste yeah but I didn't see the issue at first...

  6. I think it's a field trip? Does spy x family take place in Germany?

  7. I LIKE the idea of more series going farther into the future of the avatar world. Sure the basic idea of the first show is cool, but you know what else is cool? That same thing in space

  8. I loved it when he showed up in the marvel zombies episode of what if and got zombified and called himself a vambie (that actually happened in the comics)

  9. If I had to guess, it's sky island shadows

  10. Sorry that oda made two insanely hot dilfs and then made them super mysterious

  11. If you specify what the secret third thing is than it's not a secret

  12. King, he is just the usual "no talk" cool character that wears all black and has fire, to me thats edgy as hell

  13. Katakuri acts like the edgiest guy around in public but he is also the number 1 baby sitter for the big mom pirates

  14. Wait you take pills with liquid

  15. We all have to admit that "polyamorous translesbian is wanted by the US government for leaking the No-Fly list on her early-2000s style hello kitty aesthetic blog while holding an Sprigatito plushie" was not in any of out bingo cards.

  16. Speak for yourself we're on year 3 of this shit you gotta get wild. I also assume that "USA pursuit system gets reformed by a femboy" may come true this year

  17. "It's soge time" and then he king'd all those guys

  18. What about real quotes tho? We already have a handful of that joke already. I appreciate you contributing, all the same.

  19. That's from the sniper island filler arc it was only in the Romanian dub

  20. Hear me out: franky runs the bbq

  21. While you were having sex i studied the blade and I don't know shit about the blade

  22. Clarence had a girlfriend who she had to kill in the fifth book and I remember reading that and I think that was the first time I saw clearly gay characters in fiction that I could tell

  23. May I remind you miss buckingham Stussy is Bakkin, weevil’s mother. THIS COULD IMPLY HE’S REALLY HIS SON

  24. Ooooohhh we're going to hell we're all going to hell

  25. What about horror game aimed at kids

  26. I don't think avatar 3 or 4 will tank but if they go beyond 5 then they're gonna fail

  27. Where's wiper or wipa or however the fuck it's spelled

  28. I mean luffy was not only a counter, but a counter and something he'd never seen. Luffy was basically made of kryptonite

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