1. Absolutely happy with the results. I’m at 10 months and will be posting a 1 year update in April!

  2. Awesome mate I’m looking at going to Turkey so far they say I need 2 times surgery because my hair loss is advanced , was a bit disappointed but at least they have been upfront and not given me false hopes

  3. Seen another guy who went to my clinic who they also said needed 2 and man his results are amazing and it’s only his first yet.

  4. If you’re happy then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks! But hey it looks great man!

  5. Everyone’s different. They will pop man be patient. 👌

  6. I’m trying to set up my trip now. Despite people saying it’s a hair mill I see great results. Did you need to get a passport to go to turkey?

  7. Nah bro. It’s not that. Women are very picky animals and there is a lot of competition out here. They are always looking for the best looking, perfect guy when in reality they are prob like a 3 out of 10 themself.

  8. My man it looks great for 75 days. VERY early! Supposed to look worse than this! Smile 😊

  9. What do you do for activity? Even light activity can help weight loss - going on walks.

  10. Honestly I just do Uber eats that’s my job for now and I do it about eight hours a day so a lot of driving in a lot of walking around but yeah I don’t exercise other than that I think that could be it? I do have a treadmill at home

  11. Op, im konda newish to keto since its my first run and i started jan this year. im doing 2Mad and am going from pretty seditary to more and more active over time. i started adding exercise in may by walking a min of 40 Min lap aroubd tye neighborhood to a almost 2 Hr walk every now and then at a nearby hike and bike trail with decent hills. i was soing either of those options 2-3 Times a week. then i upped to at least tye 40 Min walk pretty much daily. tyen i added last monyh full body dumbell workouts for 15 Min once a week, then a couple weeks later 2Times a week with 40 Min walks in between. this week i started combining 40 Min walks with tge 15 Min dumbell workout with maybe 30 Seconds to 2 30 Second reps of plank excersise added in. so 55-56 Min workout total. andim using 2 Pound dumb bells btw. im.thinking of next month maybe imcreasing to a 3 Pound set, and maybe adding some more resistace bit by bit. im not gonna do 2-3 Hr workouts though. its not like i want to do competotive athletics or be a female body builder.

  12. Thanks for your story and all your feedback. I really need to incorporate some workouts into my life and I. Sure that will kick start everything that I have been stalling with. Also really great to hear you lost so much weight and are still going! I like your attitude towards everything, thanks so much!

  13. Sell it and take your remaining $12 to the corner store and buy yourself a slice of pizza and coke.

  14. Congrats! But 40 lbs in 2 years though? I was 245 - 6 months ago and now 195. Where you doing dirty keto or something?

  15. Started slow. Not strict keto until March of this year. Started by reducing carbs a step at a time. I find that fast changes don't set well with my internal machinery. And I did a soft landing.

  16. It’s okay everyone is different! Very proud of you

  17. I just ordered this at Texas Roadhouse this past weekend. I was a little nervous to ask, but the waitress said it was fine. Of course they charged for it, but I didn't care. It was good!

  18. Once you get to diamond and master… I believe everyone cheating then lol.

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