1. I only drink oat, my spouse only drinks almond. When someone visits and wants whole milk it’s so easy (we have whole milk for the kids).

  2. Drives me insane how poorly organized pick-up soccer is vs pick-up basketball.

  3. Never have done it. Unit tests, integration tests sure, but TDD seems a bit much.

  4. You can use it to store them in a case for a short period of time.

  5. I feel it. I have had the same issue. My bambino was a little easier to control. I'm sure we'll get the hang of it! Lol

  6. Ok so I’ve only tried this twice, but it seems like a night and day difference if the two holes are horizontal instead of vertical. I think when vertical, one of them faces down and disrupts the vortex. Or I could be over-tightening the tip and smushing the tube? Either way, try loosening it until the holes are sideways.

  7. Great advice! I will pay attention to this next time I steam!

  8. I’m hoping the replay will be available after, otherwise I’m going to have 2 disappointed kids tomorrow morning

  9. Trying to find the twist tie on the counter when I’m done with the bread

  10. Wondering if we could use this 3" wide tile around a ~3' radius corner.

  11. I think I have wide feet and was surprised at how well the Phantoms fit me

  12. Employee at our local soccer store said he hasn't seen AG boots in 6+ years, nobody wants to buy them, which astounded me because every adult league in the area plays on AG.

  13. Make it fun! You might be able to get them to balance on their heel, but beyond that just have fun and maybe introduce toe/first turn next year.

  14. One time we landed at Polderbaan and the pilot came on the PA and said the tower made us land in Belgium

  15. I really like the Compeed pads for covering them once I get them.

  16. We’re at Pan Pacific Mountainside right now. Our room is on the 6th floor facing the slope. The music was really loud last night until 6:30, and then it stopped. There were still some faint nightlife sounds but I had no trouble sleeping. My wife got earplugs from the front desk and also slept through the night. If you were on the other side of the building I don’t think you would hear anything.

  17. Looks like a good time to get out of the habit of showering once a day, your skin will love you for it.

  18. This isn’t for everyone. Some people have oily skin or body odor problems. There’s nothing wrong with showering every day.

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