1. I have a fun game we can play, it's called vote Ohio's GOP out of office so we can finally have legalization and patients can actually get what they need instead of paying for overtaxed grade "B" cannabis. Then we can have an actual cannabis convention the same way alcohol and tobacco users can do in public.

  2. Very cool, not too many reviews on this light. What size tent are you in?

  3. Not too much longer until there are 510 carts and luster pods hanging from plants with those #'s 😅

  4. I'm so tired of the F'ing horse shit this state and its ass-backwards, corrupt, gerrymandering, half-brained GOP government keeps doing to our people. I've spent the past year informing everyone I know that this is on the path to the polls this November so vote. Honestly just feel stupid for living here at this point. Hey everyone, sign the petition so the Senate and House can decide if they want to wipe their ass with that or the check from big pharma.

  5. This is why so many people just go to Michigan now and why all our local cultivation shops have been doing so well the last few years.

  6. Found one in a Klutch lemon slushee. Nice fat seed, one of the biggest I’ve seen with beautiful mottling. Have it in cold storage with silica gel packets to keep it dry.

  7. I almost don't believe it, but that's awesome. I hope this sets a new standard for edibles in the program. They are my favorite way to medicate yet I rarely buy them cause they suck here.

  8. You know your medical program is just backdoor recreational when:

  9. That's insane, and yeah I totally agree with you on homgrow being legalized. We would benefit most from a cottage industry with diverse growers who specialize in different varieties instead of another "Coca cola" of weed.

  10. Lots of pathogens being brought in with exported soils too. Wish we could have a system like the old 215 in California where small scale growers could bring their product in, have it checked and tested, then get paid. With the system we have now and the one they are working on we will be smoking a lot of B grade Cookies, Blue Dream or flavor of the month. Forget the hopes of ever buying 16-week, soaring-high equatorials.

  11. Anybody know what’s going on there? Drove from Medina to find this sign. The website didn’t even show it was closed and even took an online order.

  12. They are in the process of training their new employees. They just fired a bunch of senior ones because of wage and benefits cuts. You'll see a whole new group when they open back up.

  13. Bc something that’s medicine should be cheeper then something that’s recreational.

  14. Plus no state or county sales tax. Enough taxes are worked in already keeping prices high and taxing patients is a greedy move.

  15. I get what you're trying to say here, but I think what is sadly apparent is, the oligopoly part was non-negotiable. :/

  16. The oligopoly had a 3-year limit then the market would open up. The part I didn't like was that home grow required a $25 license. But yeah, no limit on the oligopoly we have now. Make it happen this November.

  17. It's my favorite Ohio native strain I would totally pick it up.

  18. I've never had an issue with a purchase at a dispensary personally, though this isn't the first time I've heard of this sort of thing not just in our program, but in everyday life.

  19. I'm puffing on their Switchberry OG cartridge right now and I must say it compares to their live rosin which I also like.

  20. It won’t matter though. Mike Dewine claimed he would veto any legalization bill and that there’s “no path to legalization” through him. So, is there any point to sign it? The GQP is trying to take over. They’ve already had 4 maps sent back due to gerrymandering. The hold up is exclusively the GQP. Yet they’re against government overreach.

  21. You all are in for a real rude awakening when you try to do this at your house with how you complain about the current prices. Lol buckle up. Ain't as easy as one thinks.

  22. I mean having to drive down to the dispensary, stand in line while waiting to be served, then have my order put through is pretty time consuming in itself. Not to mention all those big price tags and taxes. 😅 I know learning a new skill and producing requires a time and capital investment but it easily pays for itself and then some after the first run. It's almost like there's a reason big business and pharma don't want us to have it. 🤷‍♂️

  23. "Fewer than 10 percent of U.S. adults say marijuana should not be legal at all"

  24. I wish they'd change the federal drug schedule and allow MJ products to be sent within the mail so patients would have better access, at least within state lines. It's crazy, Acetemetphin (Tylenol) is much more deadly than cannabis yet is more accessible and has less restrictions.

  25. I can hardly wait until we have legalization and we can all legaly grow Klutch-quality herb for less than a dollar per gram. Then the average Joe can hop on here and chuckle it up at the folks bragging about their $50+ jars with 2.8 grams in them.

  26. When are states going to fix this HIPAA violation.....though not federally legal if it goes through the state board of pharmacy it is covered under an umbrella clause! Blatant medical discrimination to test for a drug and not accept the prescription!!!

  27. So true. How they can invade our medical privacy and disclose it is beyond me. Big pharms customers get protections, why don't we?

  28. Is it me or is Pure Ohio not dusting their flower with kief anymore like they were before?

  29. I like laser sword space monkey better though. Also I know it's there version of jedi kush, just as there that's no moon is deathstar. Plus it's only 2 extra letters u still new what I was talking about

  30. I'm sure this is how a lot of confusion regarding strain names and pedigrees starts. The whole name game is pretty hilarious actually.

  31. Edibles are my favorite way to medicate but I don't buy them in our program cause I feel they are way too weak for what they cost. I also feel like edibles options are very limited compared to other products like flower or cartridges in Ohio.

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