1. how did you manage to fit msi z690i motherboard in v1.1!! Having trouble with the backplate,as it cannot align with the case.

  2. Hey, unfortunately I retired this build due to thermals. For the backplate, are you referring to the motherboard IO shroud or the actual motherboard backplate? The IO is kind of meh, but its usually not a 100% perfect fit (either the top or bottom will not sit 100% correctly due to case/mobo tolerances).

  3. What case did you go with after the T1?

  4. We do have them in stock! Check the S610 or S620 page, under the "Parts" tab. They will be there. (Picture is out of date, they have full venting now vs picture has 2/3rds venting.)

  5. Yes it is! Daniel and his team were the ones who did my full body PPF and Ceramic Shield. They do really great work, very meticulous and such nice people there.

  6. Just saw your M2 Comp today outside the shop and it looks mint! Wish I could of snapped a pic next to my OG M2 but no parking :/

  7. Nice! Yeah, I dropped it off this morning for its yearly maintenance detail. Were you there to get a maintenance detail for your OG M2 too?

  8. Nope, unfortunately had to get the front bumper fixed up due to a parking lot incident :( there to get it ceramic coated again

  9. Bought Logitech G Pro Superlight from

  10. I am thinking of maybe doing a custom case for personal use. The plan was to use 2mm thick laser-cut aluminium panels and make it all go together by making use of the 10x10x10 mm threaded cubes with M3 threads in them. After getting the cubes I was surprised by how small they are. I mean sure, I know how long 1 cm is, but actually holding one in my hand seemed smaller than I was expecting.

  11. gonna sound real weird, but did yours develop that shine like most other logitech stuff? what/howd you clean it?

  12. A tiny bit. The mouse has a matte finish from factory that hand sweat and friction tends to smooth/shine over time.

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