1. Thanks! When I was designing all of these, I went with the idea that the 4 main Funtimes were made to represent a different Afton (Just represent, not possessed by. In my AU, while Eleanor and Ballora are possessed by Elizabeth and Mrs. Afton, Funtime Freddy isn't possessed by an Afton, just Gabriel).

  2. Ooh, that’s a cool idea! So, I presume Funtime Foxy’s design will represent Michael in some way too?

  3. Yeah, my main goal when I make F. Foxy's design is to make it seem like something a teenager would find cool or badass. I'll either make his pirate theme more prominent (Give him a longcoat or something), or something else.

  4. Heh, ya really couldn’t decide where on the spectrum of stylized or accurate Lefty should be on-

  5. Well that’s strange to look at and see it’s real, but, thank goodness she doesn’t have legs or arms-

  6. No problem Popo! Now, to actually remind myself about what anniversaries are coming next-

  7. Ooh, a series of FF-based statues is a great idea! Hell, any excuse for more statues would be awesome-

  8. Thanks! Yeah, I started doing this after talking with others about the lack of book merch, and how cool the statues are. I got a whole second wave I'm working on right now too.

  9. Welcome to Reddit, where there’s text posts or image posts, and the off-chance the subreddit let’s ya write body text-

  10. Hm, this third GN has three pretty distinct stories here, and with how the other GNs turned out, this will be interesting-

  11. Dang, the mostly-solid colour he has trips me up a little, but it’s really cool too!

  12. Ooh, nice! Getting commissions must be great, but if they’re related to a fandom ya already know it’s gotta be better-

  13. Pfft, thanks you bastard-bunch of children, now we’ve gotta figure out this wacky story-

  14. I wonder if they light up just from the electrical current in his body.

  15. Someone please provide context for this dude because I don't wanna do it

  16. Heh, what if I told your friend that Michael in a dress art has appeared a handful of times here-

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