1. Candle wax warmer. The ones where the wax is melted by the heat of a light bulb instead of fire.

  2. Do you mean just Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous. Or more specific, early Triassic, mid Jurassic, late Cretaceous.

  3. Well why so, it means nothing if you can just Google it, in 5 seconds.

  4. It took people years to find out You can do Air Assassinations in AC1, so I completely understand

  5. I found out shortly after AC2 released (about 6 months after release) when someone posted a gameplay clip and I immediately tried it out for myself.

  6. Agreed. They're easy at level 75, now they're wayyy easier at level 220. I use to fear them constantly no matter what level I was at in Fallout 3, New Vegas and Fallout 4. Make them scarier. Hell, bring back Gatorclaws for the swampy areas while they're at it

  7. Do not overprice anything in Your Camp Vendors unless You plan on getting nuked. I was visiting a vendor that was charging about 300% above normal prices for the most simple to the most ludicrous items, weapons and plans. Teammates decided enough was enough and started nuking them. Since then, I've priced items accordingly and even put ammo, plans, junk etc for either free or a few caps. All plans I sell are 100 caps or less depending on what the plan is for.

  8. What film is this? I've never seen it before? I don't recall 🤔 😂

  9. Make all enclosures Octagons, surrounding a center entrance/Shops, etc with the outer edge surrounded by forests, mountains and rivers

  10. I still miss the Spinoraptor from JWE1 some days... one of the best Hybrids

  11. Or just allow us to walk around other players parks as a guest and give a review at the end of the tour

  12. I think it would be cool to see an Assassin in Mafia Era NY and Boston with heavy focus on stealth, Parkour, and and a Gun combat like in John Wick or Watch Dogs Legion

  13. As someone with a 7.8x5.5, I've sent 3 women to the hospital for a torn cervix. I had to watch as my partners were in pain as they had to get surgery or go months without sex due to fear of getting hurt again. It's all about finding a partner who can handle You or a partner You're willing to adjust to their needs and keep yourself restrained from causing harm unintentionally. Just gotta think it through and talk with Your partner about how to go about it.

  14. Honestly sounds like bs….We’re about the same size and I don’t go around playing bumper cars with women’s cervix unless they enjoy it. I hope this isn’t a new concept for you lol.

  15. It's only happened with the last 3 women I've been in a relationship with

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