1. Shapiro speaks for himself. And when Shapiro is denied speaking engagements it is because of his bigoted idiocy, not general conservative thinking, as you say.

  2. Are you able to provide the citation? Or a specific example of him spewing objective bigotry?

  3. https://twitter.com/benshapiro/status/25712847277?lang=en

  4. This is how cognitive dissonance works. At first a normie will laugh at you and call you crazy for making a claim. They’d ridicule you. Use every logical fallacy to convince themselves that you’re wrong.

  5. And is the idea if I (either as in me or as in OP) can't then we should just accept the current system warts and all

  6. No. The idea is that simply making food a constitutional right is not a solution.

  7. You either die a nose breather, or live long enough to become a mouth breather.

  8. There is absolutely no reason to feel guilty for staying in bed as long as you want.

  9. Im not exactly sure what has been awakened, but something has been awakened.

  10. No dude. If you’re a newbie, you should start simple. Just get some potting mix and some fabric pots.

  11. I love how a lot of normies call AJ “far right”, and a lot of “far right” people call him a shill for Israel.

  12. One hell of a way to get rid of that gopher problem they’ve been having.

  13. When I was a kid growing up on a farm, it was common for people to pour gas into groundhog holes and drop a match. Have you ever seen a flaming ground hog shoot out of the ground? Quite a sight but the smell is awful.

  14. Don’t kid yourself Jimmy. If that groundhog had the chance, he’d eat you and everyone you care about.

  15. I’ve read studies that shown Cannabinol to be beneficial to the liver.

  16. What's HermanCainAward's favorite phrase? "It's not hate, it's spreading awareness."

  17. Don’t be ridiculous. You’ll ruin the carpet. Do it on your lap so you don’t make a mess.

  18. Think of the type of person that would devote time and energy into policing strangers conversations online. It’s the same reason why so many CEOs are narcissistic money obsessed Scrooge’s. Certain things attract a certain type of person.

  19. I was born with a congenital defect of my urethra i had incontinence issues till I was a teenager. I was constantly bullied for it. It's really refreshing to see someone not humiliated for a simple accident.

  20. You’re like the Anti Hank Hill. Do you sell charcoal and charcoal accessories?

  21. Not trying to badmouth Project Veritas or anything, but it seems that almost all of their expose videos are useless or have barely any effects on society at large. There are several possibilities:

  22. I’d estimate that around 97% of people don’t actually respond to anything, unless it’s forced down their throat by corporate media, and reinforced in their immediate social circles.

  23. Goes against community guidelines. You should know better

  24. Corporate bot accounts here to sew the seeds of deceit. Not a fake video or staged.

  25. Btw here’s your definition you lazy fuckhead. Took me literally 10 seconds to find.

  26. Ah no worries, I thought you was disagreeing with the other fella and sticking with your reverse sting theory, not agreeing with him. My bad. 👍

  27. That he's a Pfizer employee who fucked up because he had dick on his brain.

  28. Sorry, I was referring to AR-15 style rifles.

  29. SARS-COVD has been around and vaccines been worked on for decades. It's an Avian Flu.

  30. There’s also been talks about engineering flu like viruses and intentionally releasing them into human populations for the sole purpose of pushing and profiting off mass vaccination campaigns.

  31. Can I ask a stupid question… who is profiting, what is the profit funding?

  32. It’s about consolidating control over the world, and implementing a one world government.

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