1. Just finna say it, if the girls end up with doods y’all best not freak tf out lol.

  2. I highkey feel like ryo would cause you’d expect it to be kita for obvious reasons but ryo would come out of no where having a bf before any of the other 3.

  3. Most likely,and he’s probably rich too.

  4. Kita:inhales and exhales aggressively in horny

  5. Bro just tell em this isn’t the early 2000s no more they won’t care whether you listen to BTR/anime music or not.

  6. Song goes so hard,as expected outta the queens 😤😤😤💯💯

  7. I fucking love the g36c one of my all time fav ARs in cod

  8. Wait so who’s kazuma in all this?

  9. Bruh I’m a rock and twice fan so I be goin from paramore and other rock songs to twice and other kpop songs back and fourth lmao.

  10. Shouldn’t matter if you’re showing em a pic of an anime character for a haircut you want,just show it to em.

  11. She was denied a sponsorship from raid shadow legends

  12. We needa spam this shit on their ass

  13. she's sitting on the toilet, taking a dump.

  14. The Dennys toilet,cmon now you know mousey only deserves the fanciest of toilets.

  15. Giant Monke plush dressed in a white suit.Or just Connor himself either or.

  16. When I saw the silhouette,I knew it could only be one drunk bassist.

  17. Last time I checked Ariel was supposed to be beautiful.She looks like a gold fish or something idk just weird looking.

  18. You’ve blessed my eyes today, thank you good sir or madam.

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