1. Wondering what temp is this snow that made the food completely cold during the 5 seconds they took to get to the door

  2. Your reaction upon reading this is “how do you not know there are cameras everywhere?” ? Sheesh bro 🫠

  3. Do customers really not tip? I always tip 20% to start, unless it's less than $12, in that case I tip $12. Depending on the quality of service I'll give an additional $3-8 afterwards.

  4. A lot of them don’t and Instacart just bundle the non tip with the tippers which is sad. You have a pretty good system for tipping, it is certainly appreciate by all shoppers.

  5. Just a question, what is everyone’s minimum for a 3 shop? I used to take them all the time but now I feel it’s almost useless unless it’s really good pay. It takes forever, they usually make you go to 2 different stores and the miles are always all over the place.

  6. In my market singles are almost never worth it, so triples are the norm here. They vary from 20-32 dollars in general for base pay.

  7. The problem with that line of thought is that you’re not considering how hard it is to find an item or hot far apart in store they are. If I ask for bread, buns and bagel, it will be much faster than asking for almond 97% sweetened milk, lipstick maybe mine 77 and picture hanger 30lbs. A dollar per item is too much and your experience might be different because of your market but I assure you most of us think your line of thought is exaggerated

  8. Any make up related items. I really struggle looking for foundation beauty matte soft extra skin 320

  9. I thought about doing a larger order and then tipping bigger (like $60) but wasn’t sure if I did that if anyone would even want the order.

  10. Def would take that order. The high tip would compensate for my gas, wear and tear on the car and my time. Go for it I trust there are lots of people that think like me. And you’d get a good shopper too!

  11. Looking at this responses , you have to admit DD did a great job here. They completely diverted their responsibility for decent pay to the customer. People only complain about no tipping and those that point out the obvious (not mandatory) and never about the 3 dollars DD pay them for crappy delivery.

  12. Hey Instacart can you train your agents better instead of having paid folks posting this kind of bs ?

  13. “It was my choice to work in the UK and they were dependents so if it weren’t for me there would not have been any opportunity for them in the first place”. Oh boy….

  14. This seems pretty premeditated, canceling an order after finished shopping, was it a big order? I feel like she is playing that card to keep the groceries and not be punished by Instacart

  15. A lot of people dumping on the customer for that order, but that is more on Instacart.

  16. I would just ignore it. The customers don’t care , they think we are DoorDash and have no idea how the app works. They won’t listen. Just ignore it. Every time

  17. I mean, it is not like your daughter showed up at your house at the age of 16 asking for a car. You knew this was coming but didn’t bother to get her something as you did with the brothers. YTA

  18. YTA: it does not matter how long you were seeing each other, it does not matter you don’t mind people going over your stuff, doesn’t matter what your friends think (they are A**holes too).

  19. Contacted support once more and realized I put in my number incorrectly “facepalm”

  20. For context: I was shopping yesterday with no problem. Today I woke up and logged out. Tried to login, reset password etc, nothing works.

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