1. You've said that about fifteen times, which is odd unless it's you.

  2. It's a bunch of quotes from court cases he's taken out of context that he claims support rights you don't actually have. He's got a bad habit of mistaking state courts for the supreme court, for example; and thinking state law from one state applies to other states.

  3. I've seen more articles about Thorpe than any other MP, why does anyone still print what she says? I think the media are trying to get outrage clicks, so they're covering the voice like a blow-by-blow fight account, when really it's pretty boring and the public won't care about it until closer to the vote. Bandt needs to get her to pull her head in, right now all she's good for is being a useful idiot for those who want to see stupid drama.

  4. She's an Indigenous senator, the Green's spokesperson on Indigenous matters, and given that Albo's about to try and change the Constitution for the first time since 1977 specifically to benefit Indigenous people her thoughts are of interest to the public:

  5. My theory is that if Rania's out of the country, then Jennifer will have moved into Dewitte's house.

  6. I'm waiting for the video of the never-ending garage sale.

  7. Holy shit, you're on to something!

  8. At least he can rough through it and sleep. He seems like the type that can sleep wherever, whenever.

  9. Of course; he has the power of alcohol.

  10. Somewhere out there is somebody who grew up with this game as a big part of their childhood; and now it's available for them to reminisce, or even show their own kids.

  11. There's some interesting history about other conversion kits at the start of the video, if anyone's a bit hesitant about watching a single-game video.

  12. He'll look like Kenny from South Park.

  13. He's pulling the old Scientology trick. "Put a crucifix on it! They won't bother us if they think we're a church!"

  14. It can't take our jobs. I asked it for cases on an area of law, and it literally made them up. The cases and citations did not exist. It made up CLR citations. I told it that it was wrong and it apologized but didn't correct itself.

  15. It hasn't been specifically trained on Australian law.

  16. This program will absolutely never happen in the United States.

  17. I'm pretty sure it's illegal under federal law.

  18. I don't think he'd give them up voluntarily, no.

  19. Look into car audio speakers, as you'll find a ton of reviews. I went with Alpine 4 inch two way speakers, which sound pretty good. You don't get massive bass out of them, but then you don't get massive bass blasting straight at your face either.

  20. Ah reddit being racist against descendants of slaves again I see. Gee I wonder what generational trauma led to people rejecting the identity of America and seeking out something else that looks like freedom. It couldn't have been slavery then Jim crow and kkk police and drug war locking up young black men and police killing young black men and war sending young black men to die (ww2 vietnam) and then yall have the audacity to make fun of them instead of look in the mirror at the the systems of white power that makes moors look very attractive in comparison

  21. I like that you've assumed that person's black just because they wrote something stupid, and then called everyone else racist.

  22. I think with that username they're either trolling or something upstairs isn't working.

  23. It'll be his bewildered chicken* booking photo with "That's not even me" written around it.

  24. How did she know they were trying to serve him?

  25. Putin File?!? Now there’s a Russia connection? How connected are these guys?

  26. Has anyone searched his house for classified documents?

  27. There's a ton of ex-corporate PCs flooding the market. They'll run the latest version of MAME (i.e. with better, more accurate emulation) and are easier to find than Raspberries at the moment. The price is going to be pretty close as well, given how the chip shortage has jacked up the price of pies.

  28. The insurance scams and other fraud hasn't been prosecuted yet. Take that out and you have a LARPing road raging idiot who hasn't seemed that harmful. Factor in the Hennin & Yellow Cab incidents and things begin to look more serious. Pile on all the insurance fraud and other fraud and it becomes clearer that the public needs to be protected. You want judges who exercise compassion, when they start to see the other side of the equation, that when Jeremy was released he was doing a lot more harm than initially thought, they'll take a different view of things.

  29. I disagree about the LARPing stuff. It's important that people be able to trust the police; having a jumped-up hyper-aggressive sex offender ordering people around in uniform damages that trust.

  30. Him pointing at that car enrages me.

  31. Mortrex has pointed out there's at least one case of him having an uninsured vehicle.

  32. Dewitte was never going to get 72 years and never going to trial. At the WORST there might have been a 5 year sentence for each instance that would have ran concurrent and maybe some isolated case that had him serving another year consecutive. I genuinely expected a 36 month stint for the whole rack of charges but wasn't overly surprised with the 18 month thing. Find yourself a livestream of some court that is doing plea deals, they will run about 30-40 minutes for each asshole and sound like cookie cutter automation. It is getting ridiculous. I feel like getting back into that as a retirement gig, just work as public defender, continue cases for any reason and then make a deal to close the case for the DA. EASY money. Damn, probably more school though, shit is different.

  33. Amir's allowed (and expected to) represent his client's case based on what his client has told him. It's not up to him to determine whether it's true or not, that's literally the court's job.

  34. And here i was thinking all the scientists would be fighting to determine who would take home a "Space Cat"

  35. Why fight about it, when they can have a piece each?

  36. Between their Live TV and on demand stuff, there has to be more than just Crackle providing material. They may be the biggest and most recognizable name, but it's not just them.

  37. Sorry, I'm out of the loop - what's being blocked?

  38. Jeremy just wanted to see SWAT in action. Once he got his rocks off looking at all that body armor he surrendered quietly.

  39. That's both horrifying, and completely believable.

  40. ....and I've always, always voluntarily turned up to court.

  41. That photo was before I put the Plexi on. It isn't tinted but I think that is a great idea.

  42. If you wanted to get real fancy, you could have them cut a crescent out of the plexi so that it covers the wood trim, too.

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