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  1. Geoguessr, if not that it would be plaque inc???

  2. Native genocide is best though if we're speaking about EU4, the gain from leaving them alive is minimal so killing them off means the colony can grow faster

  3. seems he was throw by someone, in the slow motion in the end you can see 2 people really really close, too much close, maybe a robbery gone bad???

  4. People told him not to jump (apparently, ive not watched with sound yet) so mightve been those people

  5. It is just super faded, but you can see red, orange, and yellow, the yellow faded out of the green and made it more blue.

  6. I see pink, pinkish white, white, whole lotta blues

  7. In theory yes, in practice it's more a feminist who dislikes trans women

  8. Not just trans women, also trans men (saying they are just tomboys and stuff like that)

  9. Don’t want you or your soldiers to die in a drone strike? Stay home instead

  10. If they think the union is so strong let us have another vote, prove to the SNP that we apparently don't want independence

  11. As much as I would prefer that basically nobody had guns, disarmament of an entire country, much less the US specifically, is practically impossible in my opinion. Better to arm minorities, I think.

  12. Guns used to be legal in the UK then the nation was disarmed except for hunting weapons. Its quite possible to disarm a nation

  13. Yeah people up in arms about it but turn the page back 3 weeks and Brittany Griners foolish for bringing weed to a country where it is illegal.

  14. I'll just stop being gay, sure sounds possible (/s for idiots)

  15. How can you say that? It's homophobic to say that you can "just stop being gay", idiot.

  16. Did you forget the part where im taking the piss out of people who say that? Im literally a lesbian 💀

  17. God your fem is my goals, but my god you are perfect as both

  18. If you're in a relationship with someone and ask this sub for advice, you aren't ready for a relationship

  19. Thats mostly a myth, they can survive the fallout but if they were too close the blast would kill them

  20. And? him bleeding out has nothing to do with the fact he’s still a combatant who can fight, he’s not incapacitated he’s still able to pick up a weapon or throw a grenade. He’s not in a ditch either, he’s in a trench. A prepared fighting position so he can repulse enemy attacks, if he didn’t want to fight he’d leave that trench and indicate he wanted to surrender. Plenty of times throughout history people fight till they die and if you don’t surrender and aren’t unconscious your going to be considered one of those people.

  21. And if he couldn't defend himself he'd be dead anyway, since they dropped the grenades on him in the first place

  22. why don't you become a clownfish then? you're doing a really good job at the moment

  23. Hey just to let you know, im not a mirror so its weird when you're speaking to yourself

  24. Well done, you saw my username that i made 4 years ago (if you can't do maths, that means i was 12 when it was made)

  25. Not sure where your from but U.K. democracy is broken too so if you’re from somewhere that actually has a democracy, let us know so we can join you…

  26. Scotland would have 3 parties technically if labour didnt stab us in the back, but we basically just have snp

  27. They would be better if they weren't "allied" (idk the words i play map games) with the tories

  28. All that quitting fapping completely does is make you irritable, make you last less long in bed, and increase your chance of getting ball cancer. Yes those are all scientifically confirmed.

  29. I mean girls dont like if you last an hour, lasting less long is actually a good thing since they find it cute (source: women)

  30. Trans daughter is absolutely not the correct term, daughter is. Plus you using the incorrect pronouns makes your comment even more incorrect.

  31. As a trans lesbian idk if i wanna be you or be with you

  32. Even if you are the demographic nobody should use slurs under any circumstance.

  33. Queer used to be a slur used by cishet people against well, queer people. But they took it back and now its a word of pride. People of the demographic using a slur can turn it into not a slur with the right mindset

  34. Yea because it’s not a slur anymore but there are plenty of things that are slurs but just shouldn’t be said under any circumstances

  35. You're missing the point of my comment, queer isn't a slur anymore because of people in the community using it while it was a slur. They changed it from a slur to not a slur by using it themselves and giving it a positive meaning, which other groups can do with slurs

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