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  1. I had this conversation a few weeks ago. Some locations never stopped. Ironically, here in Utah, they never stopped. They don't carry nearly as much as they used to, but they still have it and always have.

  2. That's surprising for Utah. I'm in Idaho and haven't seen anything at Hot Topic in years. I was in Nevada when Hot Topic stopped carrying anything ICP.

  3. Real surprising, right? Especially because the guy who brought the whole gang thing to the FBI and nation's attention worked for the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department in the FBI Gang Division. Not sure if you've read that book "Juggalo" by Steve Miller, but it's all our fault! 🤣🤣🤣 So yeah! I'm still blown away. I don't do the mall much anymore. Maybe but once a year, but I always go check, and there's always a couple shirts at the very least. Sane with Spencer's.

  4. I actually do have that book, found it at a local record store. I haven't read it yet tho, I have Behind the Paint buy I'm only halfway thru it lol.

  5. His reply was very thoughtful and sincere. I believe he is deeply in touch with himself, yet also deeply aware of his psychological state and risk factors.

  6. Homie, you almost brought me to tears with that. ICP and the Family has changed my life, even saved it a few times. My whole life I've been the outcast and the weirdo, and I found my people with the Juggalos.

  7. That's really cool I saw the white one online but it wasn't available so I bought the last one of these since Flip the Rat is one of my current favorite albums

  8. Flip is dope. I snagged the white one right as they dropped it, it sold out pretty quick.

  9. „˙ʞɔınb ʎʇʇǝɹd ʇno plos ʇı 'ʇı pǝddoɹp ʎǝɥʇ sɐ ʇɥƃıɹ ǝuo ǝʇıɥʍ ǝɥʇ pǝƃƃɐus I ˙ǝdop sı dılℲ„

  10. Man FUCK turkeys, I'm cooking a fat fuckin steak and some hot wings.

  11. When I got my UTX-70 I got it at blade HQ. I knew it was going to be smaller, but it came in a full size microtech box. When I opened that box I just buried my face in my hand and started laughing my ass off. I love my cute lil pink OTF lol.

  12. Yep! Still comes in a full size box, which just makes the whole experience better!

  13. I think it woulda been better if they sent it in a tiny box, but the humor was absolutely worth it.

  14. Definitely start with 1. 3 is way more fast paced and you'll be much better off getting the feeling of things playing through 1.

  15. I hope this is him taking the time to grieve for Laney, not him falling straight back to his demons.

  16. J looks so happy in the pic on the right. Rip to Laney and condolences to everyone that cared for and loved her. I just hope J is able to keep his head above water and pull through this.

  17. Elden ring has an official Manga so this would be the closest thing we could get to Malenia tentacle hentai

  18. If he had no intention of sending merch out then yeah, fuck that guy. I only have a basic understanding of the whole thing

  19. I've noticed just getting through areas was way harder than the bosses all the way thru the game, for me at least.

  20. Pretty much the entire game. I've never had so many "What the fuck is THAT?!?!" moments in a game before.

  21. I have a few bootleg pieces, ain't nothing wrong with that!

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