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  1. Bodyweight Training, Fahrrad fahren, bewusst auf meine Kalorien geachtet und was ich wann esse.

  2. Ich verstehe den Grund des Autofahrers nicht. Er kann doch um die Zeit sicher einfach überholen und gut ist?

  3. Ja, könnte er. Will jetzt aber wohl unbedingt Bußgeld bezahlen. Anzeige und Strafverfahren sind eingeleitet

  4. Dachte erst, dass er Lichthupe gibt, um sich anzukündigen und euch nicht zu erschrecken aber nope, ist einfach ein dummes Arschloch, der seinen Tag damit verschönert den Tag eines anderen schon scheiße beginnen zu lassen.

  5. Ja genau das dachte ich mit der Lichthupe zu Beginn auch. Vielleicht hat er mal schlechte Erfahrungen gemacht oder so, man weiß ja nie. Alles darauffolgende, hat diesen Schluss dann halt direkt widerlegt.

  6. Sliger cases, but their build quality is very poor… Ordered one of their cases which came with warpes panels, sharp edges and a bad paintjob. I‘d honestly stay away from them

  7. As the Image suggests, I'm looking for a way to power 5 SSDs off of a Deskmini board.

  8. https://www.professormesser.com/free-a-plus-training/a-plus-pop-quizzes/how-many-sata-hard-drives-can-connect-to-a-single-sata-interface/2/#:~:text=Unlike%20PATA%20or%20SCSI%20technology,the%20end%20of%20the%20cable

  9. The Problem is Not the sata/data connections but rather Power delivery for 5 drives

  10. That m.2 is sata interface I think 🤔.

  11. For me the SSDs are more about their smaller volume and lack of moving parts (quieter) For where this is supposed to be set up it‘s better to have it quieter. But Let’s not take the noise discussion any further.

  12. As the Image suggests, I'm looking for a way to power 5 SSDs off of a Deskmini board.

  13. Have you seen any reviews of this company’s tents?

  14. I have one of their customized poncho traps, the Quality is outstanding!

  15. What power button are you using? How is the USB Type C connected held to the inside of the case?

  16. I ordered the Power Button on Amazon for 20€, it‘s a vandal Switch:

  17. You had an opportunity to have your psu intake outside air and blow it out by rotating it and making a window for it. It was your own making the case, why didn't you do it? Any particular reason?

  18. People here arguing about hot fish water, while I‘m thinking about doing a mineral oil PC all over again and submerge a gpu with a riser cable.

  19. Do you use these for hiking? I have a packable stuff pack like this I used for hiking before and I didn't find it comfortable so looking for a more robust bag with good back support. These do look better than the one I have and have some back mesh.

  20. Yes, the 15L version is the one I use for most if not all my dayhikes in alpine terrain. I cut down a foam sleeping pad which slides in the laptop compartment, that gives the pack a lot more structure and comfort on your back and it also doubles as a sitpad, which can be easily accessed and stowed away again

  21. Asrock X300W motherboard from the Deskmini X300

  22. Depends on your motherboard and RAM. Alpenföhn blackridge with two fans would be hands down the best Option, but won‘t fit on most of the z690 itx boards. If you have for example the asrock z690i ddr4, the blackridge will fit But you‘d still need low profile memory, so no TridentZ or Dominator sticks.

  23. OMM has two versions, a thicker/warmer one and a thinner hoodie.

  24. This is not polartec alpha though. It's primaloft active.

  25. It’s basically the same thing 🤷🏻‍♂️ Plus it‘s broadly available to EU hikers, who don‘t want to spend extra on shipping and customs for cottage gear made in the US.

  26. Ow, wow, Jonplus i100 looks totally cool.

  27. Woudn‘t go for the Sliger. It‘s way overpriced for the quality you‘re getting! Ordered one myself, cut my fingers on the warped bottom grill and the inside of the sidepanel. Noticed some dirt under the paint and immediatly sent ist back…

  28. Formd T1 V2 ! Can be bought with traditional layout and C14s or 280mm Rad support

  29. Ich dachte vielleicht denkt sie ich mag ihre Brüste nicht oder so, nur weil sie sehr klein sind

  30. Ok ok, just one question: What if I 3d print a replacement for the glass panels with more airflow? I got a 3d printer recently and I think I could do it.

  31. Or just use some washers, so the Glas Panels have a 2mm air gap. Worked Fine on my build with a 11400f and a rtx2060, so it should be plenty airflow for yours as well

  32. I guess the Alphacool will be your best bet. Which you can also reuse as a CPU/Pump Block combo for your upcoming custom loop

  33. Memory is nothing crazy, just 3600hz at 18cl. Haven't seen anything above 50c for memory in hwinfo unless there's a temp probe I'm forgetting about.

  34. Ein Haus, dass ich eigentlich von Anfang an gehasst habe. Hat mich in eine mittelschwere Depression gestützt, nach 2 Jahren habe ich es wieder verkauft. Immerhin mit Gewinn.

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