1. Recently got a $2,800 desk that can adjust its height. Honestly a good purchase, 15 year warranty and all

  2. It's the highest paying general labor job in the area. It sucks, but if you can get past the summer heat and the bullshit, it's also one of the easiest jobs too

  3. Ye, I'm bisexual homoromantic, I'll sleep with girls but I don't see myself being happily married to one.

  4. So would you consider yourself gay or bi for short? Instead of having to explain homoromantic bisexual

  5. I say gay because it's easier, but my friend always saying shit like "no your bi, not gay. Stop appropriating gay culture" obviously in a joking manner

  6. Sorry you've fallen on hard times, I'm right there with ya. You can have the cash, but please just return the rest to this address, no questions asked

  7. Something to be proud of by Montgomery gentry, not a country guy but it helps remind me that in doing all I can and that's okay

  8. Cause British chick's? That and just about any other first world country is better than the US

  9. "Just think of the money" from my mom as I'm having a mental breakdown because i nearly died falling asleep at the wheel the previous day when I was working 14 hour days at 17

  10. It may have been a whole decade but it's still top tier, it puts modern warfare to shame

  11. I wish cod would go back to that system of custom classes. Running in with just a knife and 6 perks was so much fun

  12. Tyler. It's not bad, just overused. And I mean I interact with 7 diff Tyler's in my daily life. One of them is even my boyfriend

  13. Just wish there was better dialogue/writing. "OH no Step Bro I'm stuck in a glacier"

  14. VRchat, learn the guitar, or learn a new language. But likely gonna try and start working out & dieting to loose weight and maybe join army

  15. Isn't most of the Taiga forest in Russia unexplored? Aside from that, Antarctica and the sea

  16. Incredibly mixed about it. I acknowledge that America is dumb for refusing to use the metric system and that we should make the change already. However I'm lazy and hate the idea of changing all of that at the flick of a switch. I'd be okay if we did it more gradually like got our kids to learn it more than the imperial system and start making changes over to metric. But that will never happen because the conservatives will be up everyone's asses screaming shit like "ThEyRe TeAcHiNg OuR KiDs CoMmUnIsm"... Ever just get the urge to punch an imaginary old dude in the face?

  17. Don't get married/have kids. But all around, never, EVER, stick your dick in crazy.

  18. Then wait til your financially responsible, at least putting a thousand a month into savings, reliable car, and with the one. And not some fling that will last a little more than a year, wait 2+ years. Or just until you know you yourself are mature and ready Financially and emotionally. And even then I do not recommend

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