1. tldr - OP watched Spider-Man: Far From Home and uses the concept of Mysterio's hyper realistic projections to explain UFOs and ghosts. But OP can't explain who is managing these projections? Where do the light beams originate from - as it necessitates multiple beams across various 3-D angles, and thus a complex management? How do radar, etc. pick up holograms? How does this theory explain alleged crashes and recovered materials? What about radiation signatures? What about globally reported abduction experiences? They didn't answer any of these questions when I asked. Because this theory is very poorly thought out with any level of real scrutiny.

  2. The human body somehow has a way of projecting holograms of subconscious imagery. Technically, it's a form of hallucination. I have termed it "external hallucination" and I have re-termed normal hallucination "internal hallucination". External hallucination is responsible for all UFOs and ghost sightings and other types of paranormal sightings, including historical. It has never been properly discovered before until now I believe. As I've been studying UFOs my whole life and I know a lot of you have too, my interest for the moment is in getting this info out there and hopefully getting people collectively to be able to confirm it. I will attempt peer-reviewed journals next, but I know how fucking crazy my thesis sounds! I figured I'll have a better chance with public dissemination.

  3. So who is transmitting the beams of light that form the external hallucinations visible to multiple parties including detection equipment? If that is your claim it must have an origination source. Beams of light can't manifest on their own in a coordinated fashion to produce a hologram. It also doesn't explain why non-visual detection such as radar can detect it.

  4. Translation: "Company is going to slow drip their cash burn reserving salaries for only key executives while praying for a miracle as they clearly can't execute for shit."

  5. Actually Peter said that he constructed a plan for them which is effective starting today by hiring Igor. The company is reducing their quarterly operational cost to $30 million! This is actually good!

  6. Bro, they could have enacted a cost savings plan 2-3 years ago. This is a huge money laundering scheme.

  7. A friend that used to work there said that Igor moved to the Tbilisi, Georgia office with his wife (the Arrival SVP of HR) and family as they were unable to get visas to stay in the UK full time

  8. Dear lord. This is starting to look more and more like a flat out US equity money suck scheme.

  9. Or...how about setting up an S-1 making 40M shares available. Suddenly, Roza's lawsuit can show damage due to dilution if we don't get our 2 days of trading. Re-instate the TRO. Open up for 2 days of trading where shorts must close. Maybe these 40M shares have something to do with an oil company announcing $4B to invest in land in this area....or another oil company who did a $75B share buyback (which will get about 414M shares - NB is about 260M shares after the S1). Maybe the 40M shares is to shore up more of the revenue interest on the land...consolidating that 75% up to 85%? So much going on that looks bullish for NB and REALLY, REALLY bad for shorts. Speculation, but there is enough smoke to expect fire soon.

  10. Yeah, I wish there were more information for us to discuss. Must be some serious crimes for this level of gag on the topic. Although, there was another filing on Roza's case. Be able to read that after work. It will be interesting to see if there is anything new in that.

  11. Where do you access the court filings?

  12. Lots of new handles came out of the woodwork a couple weeks before 12/8 and were very vocal. Many squawking with opinions and poorly formed arguments. Were rabid when anyone tried to rationalize or clarify with data. Interesting how they all disappeared after 12/9.

  13. > noticed some details that would explain some phenomena happening at the ranch

  14. Dream I was in my bed wife next to me both sleeping. But it was like I had sleep paralysis and was trying to talk. I knew their was something behind me by my wife's side of the bed. I kept wanting to ask questions but was straining to try and form words. I was trying ask who are you, what do u want. It spoke thru my wife it seemed like. I felt like I was trying to fight an external force that was grabbing at me from within. I awoke freaked out a bit n not wanting to go back to sleep. What an odd experience, what is my subconscious trying to tell me? Wtf did I eat?. Kinda felt scared overpowered but fought back it felt like. Bout 345 am. I kept saying I'm more powerful than you you need to leave. From what I can remember it wasn't a shadow person but something that looked more "demon" like, but I do not believe in demons. I lean toward the skeptical side of the spectrum but keep an open mind.

  15. Not ruling out that it was a vivid dream but never experienced this before. Also 2 other investigators had similar experiences as well all within a short time frame. But like I said take it for what it's worth. I'm not saying 100% certainty that it wasn't sleep paralysis, I've read a lot on it throughout the years. I've been doing paranormal investigations for only about a decade now so I definitely don't claim to be any kind of "expert". But yeah I agree it may have just been a vivid dream and nothing more. I appreciate your feedback and your thought process.

  16. No problem. I just know as someone who's never attempted to investigate paranormal places, I too sometimes have dreams of conflict and feelings of helplessness. Like you're being chased or pursued and you just can't seem to run or fight back. Nearly always it's just as I'm coming out of a deeper sleep. But as soon as I wake up it's clear it was just a dream. Also worth noting facial images in dreams can sometimes be unclear, where it feels more like a nebulous entity than a discrete being. Dreams can be very fluid and confusing as the brain cycles through various thoughts or processing things we've been thinking of.

  17. 3 potato and 2 radish is my floor price.

  18. Admittedly, when I'd heard Roza was a freshly minted lawyer focusing on real estate, I had my doubts. I am not too proud to admit that this appears a well constructed response with cogent arguments, from a lay perspective. And it's more than other parties are seeming to venture on behalf of shareholders against FINRA and shorts. So I applaud her. Kudos Roza!

  19. Im assuming they might open trading for two days, close positions only. Forced HF short closures at market price.

  20. I understand you were suggesting buy to cover. But unless there's enough offers even a forced buy to cover can't execute all the buys without a countering share. If 300m bids vs 200m offers.... it's still short, forced or not.

  21. The price will next best offer up and up until someone does sell. At $xxxx people will begin to sell quite a bit.

  22. Thanks. I totally didn't understand what you were saying before. lol

  23. But it looks like you're predicting a cash settlement when that's not possible. Settlement can only happen in shares, not cash. So saying their shorting activity will force a lower settlement offer doesn't make sense.

  24. At some point, they must close. Scenarios:

  25. Okay I see. So you think the court may force NBHC to have more than 165M shares outstanding to accommodate the excess shares from unclosed shorts? And then the shorts pay a penalty to NBHC?

  26. I was answering "was S1 unlawfully violated with brokers charging fees to transfer shares out?". In short, no because a fee-free exchange occurred to the broker who holds the cache of collective shares.

  27. If you hold your shares in street name through a broker, and the broker receives the collective shares in their name then nothing was violated. The broker is holding them, allocated to you. Would be hard to make a legal argument of S1 "legal violation". The fees they are trying to charge are to transfer them out. Pretty sure they can set those kind of fees per their user T&A. I don't agree with it, but this is not any sort of smoking gun, imo.

  28. Exactly. The stock is clearly primed to take off by multiple indicators and valuation. Just a matter of time

  29. https://www.reddit.com/r/BBBY/comments/zyff73/10x_technical_indicators_all_point_to_a

  30. The only times they've posted positive "updates" was right before they rug pulled with bad news. Realize they're using social media only as a tool to prop the share price by creating false enthusiasm to unload more shares.

  31. All former SPAC stocks with heavy retail ownership are being shorted, regardless of actual performance. Until they get big enough to draw in some institutional holders, it's gonna be a tough go.

  32. I think they mean.... unique sales position / points (USP).

  33. BYD has been at it for so long too. The novel thing about this POS was the micro factory approach, which now looks like a dud.

  34. Elon got a megafactory up faster than ARVL can get a microfactory up. The only thing they've proven so far is this concept is a fail.

  35. Yeah your right … I was offended 😂😂😂. It’s called healthy debate and being respectful … call me old fashioned guess.

  36. You had a sour attitude even when I respectfully answered your questions. You were, in fact, being a sour puss. That's not being disrespectful it's calling it as it is. So yea, you were.

  37. Hope you (and we) all make bank on the play. Good luck “man”.

  38. Yes. Good luck to our respective preferred gender pronouns!

  39. Needs to come from Next Bridge. Not some newly minted real estate lawyer in FL.

  40. Unfortunately, I am wondering how many mm/hf/shills will be filling out that form with false numbers? This is not an official share recall or count.

  41. I don't see the advantage of SHFs to go inflate the numbers that could be used to build an argument against what they did.

  42. So. First things first. Thank you. We’re fully aware that there is a delay. (You can see that all brokers identified either have not issued shares yet or only have placeholders issued. - which will be of comfort to a lot of folk..) This also confirms what you say.

  43. I’ll get back to you in 14 days. Give you a bit of margin to prove this exercise wrong. 👍

  44. Lol. Better off just reporting to NBH your ownership on the IR page. They'll be much more effective at any action than an ad hoc group on individuals.

  45. Because there's no answers. Shifted to US focus for green energy subsidies. Well, those takes months to qualify for. And even then probably more months to actually get the money. So in the meantime they're just continuing the cash burn with no progress towards revenue.

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