1. Who the fuck designed that piece of shit?

  2. We all know this fan base has its fair share of meatballs. Just listen to the Score or ESPN 1000 and all the nut jobs that call in. I cannot fathom wanting to root against this guy.

  3. Big Gay Al has turned into a Karen

  4. We lost to the Steelers? We have lost a ton of winnable games. Thinking this is on everyone but the guy playing QB is insane

  5. They’re talking about last year’s ref ball game against the Steelers.

  6. They’ve got a lot of bad karma coming their way for all the years they’ve been lucky

  7. I hate Wisconsin and I’m from here and live here still for some reason

  8. I honestly hope you enjoy the game. Everywhere here is right when they say the food sucks. I usually try to get a polish sausage from the little stand on the second level. Otherwise, just tailgate or eat right before. Hopefully it gets better when we eventually move to Arlington Heights.

  9. Jesus Christ, what a little asshole

  10. If you have any sympathy for these POS then you are misguided and ignorant. The only people these piles of human garbage are affecting are the individuals who work at these stores. This crime has absolutely zero effect on those who run the show. Fuck these shit stains and the horse they rode in on.

  11. 🎡🎢🎟️🔮☠️🧟‍♀️🧟🧟‍♂️

  12. What are the advantages living in a superpower nation as a middle class person? I don’t see any. We are taxed to death to pay for corporate welfare and the military industrial complex.

  13. “Let me get you some juice and an Aleeeeeeve!”

  14. Not sure if this is cringe or just sad and depressing.

  15. He’s continuing his NFC North tour. He’ll be a Viking at some point.

  16. Seriously, the hair and makeup person on Space Mutiny did her dirty. I’ve seen photos of her in other things around the same time SM was filmed and she looks so much better.

  17. She's no match for the "Commander, our engines have been sabotaged!" girl

  18. Is this in Tacoma? This feels like Tacoma.

  19. Yeah, fuck this guy. Those computers aren’t there for your stupid kid to spend hours playing a computer game. Maybe the fact that your stupid kid doesn’t have anything to play his stupid game on is YOUR problem, Dad.

  20. This girl comes off as the absolute definition of basic.

  21. Add yet another terrible starting QB to our already very long list.

  22. Cody bellinger is exactly the type of loser the cubs would wanna sign to a stupid contract

  23. Everyone needs to chill. All signs indicate that he is probably going to get a one year deal to prove himself wherever he signs and probably not much more. We’re not giving him a Heyward contract if that’s what everyone is worried about.

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