1. That’s straight up wrong. They built multiple self-powered aircraft years before Dumont

  2. I didn’t say “over the years” I said “years before”

  3. General Custer planted all those trees. It's the largest manmade forest in North America. They didn't want the natives to find Matȟó Thípila anymore, especially not after gold was found there.

  4. Yes, essentially hand-drawn in Photoshop, processed in Wilbur, then shaded using QGIS. Thank you so much.

  5. Could a post a your hand drawn heightmap somewhere? I’m trying to follow your steps but I’m pretty new to the digital format. I’d just like to see what type of level of detail you went into?

  6. Perhaps in my next post? Or would you prefer I send the original heightmap by email? Please let me know.

  7. Oh man if it’s not too much trouble, I can send you my info? Otherwise I’m officially following, dude you’ve made so much beautiful shit

  8. I’m sorry, I’m new to Reddit, this is a small island I found near the Tonga islands and the kao volcano, the coordinates are 19,76574° S, 174,56769° W

  9. It could be a leftover from other processes the image has gone through. Aka someone digitally drew an arrow to mark something, and then it didn’t get removed.

  10. Yup. She nails it. It’s not just a matter of humans someday finding technology that allows us to travel much faster than we can right now, we’d need to find some kind of technology that we can’t even conceive of yet. And assuming we someday can travel even a 10th of light speed, the nearest star to us would be something like 20 years away. But time dilation would mean that if you were somehow able to travel there and back, 40 something years round trip, everyone you knew would be long dead by the time you got home. When people talk about ufos visit us they rarely understand the realities of what that implies.

  11. To clarify, time dilation wouldn’t result in everything at home passing faster. Things on earth will progress at a normal rate, but the speed at which you are travelling would cause everything on your ship to move more slowly. You would be aging slower than your family on earth while in transit, until you slowed down and landed on the other planet.

  12. But what happens after that? I need to know!

  13. In the original video you see the slug drinking from its new wet-suit, and moving on, if a recall correctly

  14. I tried to look through both, and it doesn't seem to be the problem :(

  15. No no, its fine, thanks for the help

  16. It seems like others are having issues too, I just saw another post similar to yours, but no fix yet. If you keep an eye on the sub you might find something. I was thinking it was a version issue because they updated it recently, but it might just be the patch that’s broken

  17. I'm 8 months late but by "rise" he meant getting an erection

  18. Oh… oh damn I never thought about it but you’re right. Spiders and their hydraulic blood muscles.

  19. Oh that’s pretty cool. I wish I could see that guys stuff

  20. Oh shit nice I went looking for it too, didn’t realize you had it

  21. Weed exaggerates laziness. But if the laziness is not present to begin with, then…

  22. Very few other species try to conserve other species as well though.

  23. As a Danish speaker I have to say… Finnish is not ugly at all. It’s like really nice to listen to imo

  24. It feels like there are two JJJs at this point. One is a serious reporter who has spent decades investigating crime and corruption. A former bastion of integrity and print journalism who became tragically obsessed with a superhero because he couldn't cope with the death of his wife.

  25. I mean it honestly seems like a realistic progression of character. A respected man falls deeper and deeper into conspiracy and paranoia, and realizes he likes being the guy who shouts at the camera

  26. To be fair, batman recognizes his own insanity and knows he can't control himself if he starts to slip. He has a paranoia about it and this lead for several great storylines

  27. The problem is playing it off as if it’s some super morality thing, when in reality it’s just him staving off his own instability

  28. Country folks in the US often call their grandparents pet names that are easy for small children to say.

  29. Maw maw kinda sounds like danish “Mormor” (mothers mother) and I know the US had lots of Scandinavian immigrants back in the day

  30. There are POLAR BEARS in central Canada??!

  31. Melting icecaps have forced them to migrate onto the mainland. Likely they will not be able to compete and will either blend with local bears or die off entirely. Either way they’re heading for extinction

  32. Technically the rain shadow is the dry part on the other side of the mountains, but yes

  33. To point out how it's even more arbitrary, the Vikings got there a few hundred years before Columbus, and just maybe Southeast Polynesians got there even before that!

  34. Thas a real shame, but common (alike practices) Its really a crappy thing 2 do, but i must not judge sum poor geezer hundreds of yrs ago hoping for a taste of the good life.

  35. I guess there’s also the line between when is something a historical artifact as opposed to just a text with information. Nowadays we digitize everything, and have copies of copies of stuff. In the 19th century they could definitely mass produce books, but still a book was where legitimate data was stored. If you find that an old text is fading or otherwise is seen as needing clarity, it might not be seen as very crazy to just update your stuff.

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