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  1. Vin Diesel: “That’s what I call family.”

  2. Well Death 13 had a B in potential… It was the perfect assassin’s stand when the user was a baby, I wonder how powerful it is now.

  3. Absolute Giga Chad of a man you have earned my respect.

  4. It’s All-Star Whitesnake which is a skin for Whitesnake. Currently both obtainable skins for Whitesnake have a wide head most likely because of a bug.

  5. Can’t relate at all. My mom is probably the one who caused me my depression and anxiety.

  6. I have tried about 30 times for bone and it won’t give me it. I think it may be broken or I’m just super unlucky.

  7. Um actually according to my calculations it has a chance of drop of 16% so um actually according to my calculations if you dont get it after 6 trys you are very unlucky 🤓

  8. I want DIO’s boner so badly 🥺🥺

  9. Why are people downvoting the OP’s replies?

  10. Why is Ichigo and Zero Two dancing?

  11. I couldn't recognize the song, sorry! I tried my best :(.

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