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  1. Hi! I assume you have pressed Try Again multiple times but still get this issue? Do you have MSI afterburner or RivaTuner installed? Do you have an antivirus software installed? If no to these, you could try enabling the Proxy in the launcher and see if it works. Here's a photo showing how to do that

  2. Just tried the Proxy fix, did not work, same result.

  3. Try disabling/ turning off msi afterburner temporarily and then launching the game. This can be turned back on once you are in-game. Some MSI Afterburner settings can cause conflicts that won't allow the game to start.

  4. I turned MSI Afterburner off and launched the game, same result. I am going to try to update my drivers and see if that somehow fixes the issue.

  5. I got it figured out I guess it’s something about my home WiFi because when I went out I loaded up the website on my 4G just fine and was able to purchase the CBT then.

  6. This also worked for me on my phone, seems to be a mild fix to the issue.

  7. Did you take the plastic off the bottom of the cooler before you installed it?

  8. Yes, but this lead me to check my thermal paste distribution, which seemed to be lacking so I applied a little more. However, temps in the 80-85c still are present. Not sure if this was intended design or not but performance is completely fine.

  9. The stock cooler is not very adequate for prolonged heavy use. Consider getting an aftermarket cooler, even a cheap tower style one, like the coolermaster hyper 212 for example will do a much much better job.

  10. Alright, Thanks. I'll definitely look into that.

  11. Heavy rain makes me want to die inside.

  12. I know this is a month old now but did you ever find a solution? I'm currently having the same problem with mine.

  13. Nope, I assume the development for site is down or delayed for some unknown reason.

  14. I get 50-80 on all maps(except labs and factory) at 1440p on 5700 XT, R5 2600 and 16gb 3200mz.

  15. Is your game downloaded onto your SSD instead of HD? That solved my problem. Very rarely I’ll spawn in 10-15 seconds later. Reserve has always done it to people I play with everyone once in a awhile

  16. That is problem my issue. Will have to look into getting a SSD.

  17. Anyone else running an and RX 5XXX card? I have a 5700xt and r5 3600 and I rarely dip below 200 at 1440p high. Wonder if amd put some work in optimizing for this game. Nvidia will likely do the same once the audience is a bit larger, so don't despair if you just bought an rtx card.

  18. I have the exact same specs and res as you except I run a R5 2600. I get nowhere near 200 and I drop into the low 60s in gunfights on split and bind.

  19. Last updated the graphics drivers maybe two weeks ago? 3000 series definitely makes a difference, especially as even at 1440p I appear to be cpu bound, and with only a few cores maxing out consistantly, it's definitely not built for high thread cpus. I have not overclocked my gpu, although the cooler is beefy so the boost algorithm is doing its thing. I have overclocked my ram to 3800mhz cl16 with fclock set to 1900mhz, so that could definitely play a somewhat major part. Make sure you have the ryzen chipset drivers directly from AMD and run the ryzen power plan, I was having all kinds of stability issues in other games before I got them.

  20. So, that's 20.4, I'm currently running 20.3 because I read that the latest was a little iffy, but I guess I'll give it a try. I've also installed the latest chipset drivers as well as run ryzen power plan, even though that power plan hasn't done much for me. Thanks.

  21. Very impressive and would love to see this, potentially, replace the current ranks.

  22. Having the same problem with almost the same specs. It's not you it's the game, not much you can do about it currently other than wait for a patch.

  23. I know but fps drop even worst for AMD users. RX5700XT shouldn't get below 100 fps in this game.

  24. Ya, the FPS is even worse after the last hotfix.

  25. The game is not AMD optimized. Will be in the future patches.

  26. Thanks, I was really hoping it'd be in this patch.

  27. Default Keychron K4 caps, believe it or not!

  28. Don't believe it, those keys look so nice.

  29. Sadly they're just cheap painted ABS, and they'll wear really quick. I replaced mine with some Tai Hao cubic profile for the time being, I have a DSA set on the way for it.

  30. it literally says nvidia on the board, and you posted it in amd sub... :DD

  31. Yep, the stutters are pretty much the same.

  32. Latest drivers are pretty good. Haven't had any major issues for awhile.

  33. Hey, have you learned anything? Just got a 5700 XT and I agree that it's performing very similar to my old 1060 6GB. Same CPU as you (Ryzen 5 2600)

  34. I've upgraded to a 1440p and it seems my performance is better. I'm very happy with it at 1440p because my 1060 couldn't get near this performance at this res.

  35. Thanks. I might just have to return it and get a 2070 then, as I don't have plans of upgrading to 1440p. I just kinda want things to work.

  36. Ya, the performance at 1080 is subpar; great at 1440p but 2070s or 2060s would defiantly be more stable at 1080.

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