1. Now this a proper first grow post. Read up on everything, stop trying to reinvent the wheel, and your harvest can be this good first time.

  2. Tried my hardest lol I overdid it toward the end and got a lockout and couldn’t resolve it. So I chopped a little early 😢

  3. good job, running photo for your first grow paid back

  4. Yeah using a trellis is tough when harvesting, I ended up just destroying the net

  5. I cut my parts of my net out trying to untangle it but damaged some buds as well that’s when I stopped and said fuck it I’ll dry in branches

  6. Did you take into account leaf surface temp before going by vpd? If you haven’t adjusted for leaf temp in your controller then The vpd you’re looking at is pointless.

  7. I have not. I've only just come across this concept in my research about VPD. I need to learn more and then u guess I need to figure out how to determine me leat temp verses air temp.

  8. Get a cheap laser temp gun on Amazon that you can adjust emissivity. Adjust to .98 and shoot your leaves. Take the average temp and enter the difference in your controller. It will adjust your vpd then you can play with temp and humidity to dial in vpd

  9. Ive totally been meaning to do this, reclaim typically makes such bunk dabs. But being decarbed I imagine this an awesome use of a semi-waste product.

  10. I didn’t decarb it. Just threw it in a pot with coconut oil on the stovetop on low until it mixed together nicely. I figured claim is already decarbed from running through the nail.

  11. Yep. Got one of those attachments that hold a silica container and it just drips into the container.

  12. I’m not a chemist or scientist by any means. But if you’re extracting just the delta 9 then you’re not getting the full spectrum of cannabinoids etc so it will be a different high. Eat an edible made with canna butter then eat an edible made from delta 9. You’ll notice a big difference.

  13. im not sure why you are specifying ∆9, ∆9 thc is the "regular" thc

  14. Glad my post could bring all the haters... you'd really hate to see my photoperiod collection then. I'm in FL, waiting for legalization... pretty lame.

  15. So many people in Fl grow. They aren’t gonna bust your door down for one plant lol

  16. All cooking oils from Avocado to safflower oil works, Butter to bacon grease it all takes a full 2 hours to get from your mouth to your Liver where the Magic happens.

  17. Okay, thanks. I will go check it out. My question though is why are so many others able to use distilled with nutes and be perfectly fine ? What's the difference?

  18. I’ve never heard of people using distilled. But I’m only on my first grow as well. I would definitely try ph’ing a little lower and see what happens.

  19. If you’re using tap water make sure you air it out for 24 hours before using. Do not use distilled water. Find RO water and use that. I was having the same problem. Adjusted my ph to 6.2-6.3 and I saw a difference basically overnight. You can check my profile out. I showed it there. Looked almost identical to yours

  20. Reclaim down with Trim at 5% at best. 50mg per gram

  21. Ok so my plan is 2 of the small 1g silica containers of reclaim to a 1/2 cup of coconut oil. Melt it down at low on the stovetop and then just fill the capsules. My understanding is no need to decarb reclaim because it passed through the nail already. Does my ratio sound good?

  22. Good choice! Positive thing seems to be: You can set up one automation that controls multiple devices; both of my lights turn on at 6am and take 30 minutes to get to full power. That turned 12 total automations into 2 automations. That is the only thing that I discovered so far. My Pro controller only has blue tooth mode now, so that's a bummer.

  23. But those are all for the Wi-Fi model right? I’m perfectly happy with how my Bluetooth control works right now. And have you noticed any significant benefits to running a sunrise/sunset mode?

  24. I will never know for sure and do not have the time or space to complete a side by side study. Personally, I prefer to wake up to a dim light and will give my plants the same. 🤓

  25. Everytime I drop mine or turn it up I get light stress and burn so I've just left mine on 20 about 36in above canopy

  26. What’s the wattage of your light? I was basically following the guide for light elevation that came with my light and it’s worked flawlessly. Minor adjustments here and there in my part but for the most part I followed manufacturer recommendations. Now for flower I’m at like 13” from my tallest cola but I’m running 80% and they seem to love it.

  27. im running the same light you are, where can you find the specs for it?

  28. But instead of raising the light if you see stress or burn try just lowering the output. That’s what I did to try and keep the light as close to my plant as possible.

  29. Buy from the store and then sell to the gentleman! Bingo! Your local shop gets another sale. And you helped out a fellow growmie!

  30. I’m in a 2x2 with mars hydro Ts600 like a newb I squeezed 2 autos and 3 photos in there 😂

  31. She looks super healthy though. I’m almost halfway through flower on my first grow and I was conferenced about all the new growth being yellowish as well. A few people responded to the yellowing with that the plant is super healthy and pushing new growth vigorously. After I flipped to flower all that new growth turned a beautiful darker green that looks like everyone’s plant. I’ve tracked my grow on my page and have an IG account linked that I use as a grow diary if you’d like to take a look. Ours look identical lol Keep it up and don’t overthink it! You’re killin it right now!

  32. What were your tent temps? I heard dropping the temps later in flower help bring those dark shades out.

  33. Ya my environment sits at about 70-75 with lights on and 63-65 lights off. I’m sure the temps play a role sometimes it’s the strain also.

  34. Dang I’m running 77-80 lights on and 69-73 lights off 55-57% RH consistent

  35. The room my tent is in is blacked out so when lights go off it’s pitch black in the tent and in the lung room. That’s what I would do if you have the means that way you’re not molesting your tent trying to tape it up. Drape covers over it and trying to block the intakes.

  36. I'm currently dealing with a similar issue, I've been looking at small ro filters for under the sink but like someone mentioned that brita filter might be the answer

  37. I use a 3 stage 100gpd system and it’ll fills my 5gal bucket in like 10 mins

  38. I use a 4 stage which is slower, so I collect the pure water in a 20 gallon food grade barrel and pump it out as needed. Used for the rez and also the humidifier.

  39. Gaaaaaaad dayyyum that is the most picture perfect grow I’ve seen!! 🔥🔥🔥

  40. Find some horticulture books. It’s a plant. Read up on plant biology and their systems. Then perfect your grow.

  41. I’m quite familiar with plant biology, I grow lots of tropical fruits on my property. My first cannabis grow is going stellar. I’m new to the hobby of cannabis cultivation and would just like some reading material when I sit on the porch with my coffee 🤗

  42. Long time customer.. no regrets

  43. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I use multiverse. And trade with people on instagram 😂

  44. No worries my friend. I just happened to see it after I responded to your op. Couldn't resist passing it along. Truly my go to book whenever 8 have had questions. The tone of the book is instructions rather than from "on high" if that makes sense?! And from his own experience rather than something he read. Ed Rosenthal is still one of the true 3xperts in growing as well

  45. His name popped a lot in the threads so I’m gonna check him out along with 2-3 others that keep popping up! Thanks brotha!

  46. What kind of training did you do? You filled out your tent pretty well.

  47. Not sure what the technique is called but I think it’s LST. I topped at the 5th node and when the smaller branches got bigger I just kept bending them down with wire tied down to my pot. I should have some pics on my page. If not on Reddit I have an Instagram dedicated to my grow like journal with almost daily updates and my training is on there as well.

  48. Same! I just got a gnome obsession I ordered like 4 more gnomes 😂😂

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