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  1. Chipotle really is a rip-off now. I think it was something like 8 dollars for my friend the other day when he added chips and queso

  2. We live in a giant Prison if you haven’t noticed by now

  3. Wait so does this apply to everyone? Heavy equipment operators? I’ll go find a new job tomorrow in the union if this is the case!

  4. The other day shit bag Belmar cop gave me a ticket for walking a-crossed the beach and jumping in the ocean for ten minutes. Said I needed a beach badge. This was 5:00 on a Saturday afternoon.

  5. On a beach too...I think it's time townships start enacting ordinances not allowing people flying flags on their beaches. Just asking for a confrontation.

  6. Yup and I bet this person took this picture while driving their BMW

  7. i find myself hook gripping my steering wheel. it just comes natural to me now.

  8. The gas could be leaded for all i care.

  9. Leaded gas lubricates better. The ethanol they put in gas now....horrible for your engine

  10. I’m really starting to hate my job. Literally almost everything I do, I get the “why are you doing it that way.” I really try to let a lot of things go, go about my business with a smile, but I think I might snap soon. I’ve been busting my ass for someone that doesn’t appreciate it. I show up on late...give back some company time once in a while. Yet I’ve been questioned about taking coffee break in the morning, disrespected too many times, passive aggressively accused of stealing...the list goes on. I’m getting sick of bullies at work. Moral sucks. The ones in charge should lift others up, not beat them over the head with a stick. These guys are in the worst shape of their pathetic lives and one can only hope that maybe karma will take over

  11. Happy cows make good milk. Commercial superintendent here, I treat my guys like they’re personal friends, because they give me the same respect. Sure it makes it harder for me to ask them to do things, but they know that they’d never be asked to do something I wouldn’t jump in and do myself. They understand that my time is best spent on a managerial level, and I can’t spend all day pushing broom. If it’s been a hard day, they get extra time at break because I don’t want anyone experience burnout or hurting themselves from overwork. I’ve been on plenty of the military style job sites, and I hate it. I’ve never had any of my guys snap on me, complain about being over fatigued (this is construction; you’re going to get tired), or feeling unfulfilled at work. We have the luck of being a GC, so we can rotate activities often enough to keep people from being bored out of their mind. Nobody likes floor grinding, but it we can swap out every so often rather than being yelled at to push through, we make way better production. I thank each and everyone one of my guys at the end of the day for working hard and compliment them on AT LEAST one thing that they did well that day. Why? Because I know if I was working my ass off for $16/hr every day, I’d like a little recognition beyond just the paycheck on Friday. Again, happy cows make good milk, and happy apprentices learn their trades better and are more likely to stick with it.

  12. You Sir, are a good man and I aspire to be like that!

  13. Goes to show how bad we are getting scummed by our employers

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