1. I just picked up a Audio-Technica AT-LP120BK-USB that had a bend stylus. I ended up replacing the cartridge and stylus with a AT-VM95E. It works and sounds great. I adjusted the angle of the cartridge, set the force to 2.0 as suggested, as well as set the anti skid the same (until I have a way to manually adjust it better) the issue I’m having now (and this was also true on the previous stylus and cartridge) is every so often the last track will end and the stylus keeps going, passes the lock groove and ends up in the label. I’ve been able to catch it pretty quickly, but how to I prevent this from happen? I hate to damage my new stylus and album labels. Thanks in advance everyone!

  2. How much you paid at the end? I’m curious what was your better offer…

  3. oh as I wrote in the original post, only $50 for all that

  4. Holy shit you robbed that man in broad daylight. If you re-sell it you are a asshole so YOU BETTER NOT.

  5. Never, if anything I'd sell the ones I have now, since theses seem to be in better shape, but I probably won't do that either. Into the collection they go

  6. That is a really good turntable! I have the same model, and my vinyl sound clean!

  7. I love it. So far I only played a few of my not so great albums that I have destined for the bin or wall framing. Waiting for the new stylus to arrive tomorrow. The only problem I have with it, which I saw others online have experienced as well, is when I connect it to a computer with USB I get a constant buzz/tone that plays on both my turntable setup as well as the audacity recording. Weird. Still haven’t had a chance to tinker with it and figure it out

  8. Yes that stylus is bent! If you can afford it, replace the entire cartridge with a AT-VM95EN

  9. I see you edited your original reply, would the VMN30EN not work?

  10. Thank you! I had a feeling that shouldn't be like that, but hadn't had a S arm turntable yet. Would that have caused the issues with the right channel? I'll look into the replacement stylus and cartridge


  12. hmm.. how about those 4 games in trade for: Mega Man Collection, golf gang, space crew, doom 93, doom 2, and doom 64?

  13. I love this! I have 2 cubes with the original power supplies and I suspect one is failing and causing random reboots and issues waking from sleep. I think I'll make one of these and let those old factory power supplies rest in storage. Only issue is I'm running a cube with that "behemoth" ADC CRT... Wonder if I got a higher wattage wall adapter will it be okay?

  14. Mac mini G4? Is it hiding behind my all time favorite G4, The Cube?

  15. I have one of these.. lusted over it for years. Havent gotten to use it yet - what should I do with it, first? And then, second?

  16. I’d say give it a cleaning. And replace the ide with a ide to m.2 ssd

  17. Ooo. Any brand you coudl recommend? Or an eBay/Amazon special?

  18. I got this one in my G4 Mac mini. So far it’s been great CY NGFF B/M-Key SSD to 2.5 inch...

  19. The blurriness of the cover told me. As well as no studio label logos on the back, and its a sleeve case that holds and loads all 3 LPs from the same side, where the Europe version should be a gatefold. The US version came in a box (from what I can tell from Discogs about the EU and US versions) I also doubt the books inside this one

  20. A bunch of record stores sell bootlegs but they say “import” instead of bootleg for legal reasons. Stores will never acknowledge that they knowingly sold a bootleg. Some artists do allow bootlegs but MJ probably not one of em lol You either will pay a lot for an official release or be happy with the cheaper bootleg.

  21. Think I’ll be happy with the bootleg for a while. As long as it sounds decent, which the review on discogs says it is

  22. Currently I’m spinning “Kids In The Hall - Brain Candy (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack)” and loving it!

  23. For $50? Yes, but get yourself FloppyEmu as well.

  24. Eh. I’ve been holding off on the floppy emu on the other 68k machines as I like writing images on real floppies for that retro feel. But being 800k machines… it may be time I get one. Probably be even easier to clone images to real disks that way

  25. The original Apple receipt was in the HyperCard box. Looks like I got everything they purchased (minus a image writer) new in ‘88. They didn’t get a mouse back then, just the keyboard

  26. If you’re in New England. I have a 17” LCD ADC and a 23” LCD HD ADC you can have

  27. I LOVE this series! First discovered it as gamble game purchase when first came out for Vita

  28. I think I first played it on my hacked PSP. But was Japanese only. Later on a fan English patch came Out for the PSP, but by the time I noticed that, I was on the Vita. I have all 4 games on the Vita now. 1, 2, and 3 are the collectors Edition from NIS Americas website. And a import of the PSP version of the first Danganronpa. If you like these games check out the nonary games on the Nintendo DS. 999 was great and was my first one out of all these kinds of games. There’s also a Danganronpa S out now for several platforms but not the Vita, so it’s the only one in the series you can’t play on that. But can on Switch, PS4, mobile phones, and PC

  29. Omg that’s a beautiful setup! Super jealous over here

  30. Blur for sure, and possibly Our Lady Peace, Elvis, and Taylor Swift

  31. For the Cube? Yeah. Apparently the iMac has one as well, but she can't get it to power on. (I'm not entirely sure what she's tried or expecting when she plugs it in.)

  32. Those G5 iMacs had bad caps that failed after a couple years. So I’m sure their bad for sure now

  33. Don’t see it in the photo, but was the power supply included?

  34. Went to my first Record Convention today. It was wild! Good vendors, people, and great selection of music. I didn’t find everything I was looking for, but I did find a Gorillaz album I needed as well as a “Weird Al” 45 that I didn’t have yet with it’s sleeve. The big surprise would be the Orgazmo soundtrack, I didn’t even know it was released on vinyl (to be honest, I also never looked for it) some good stuff to listen to this weekend. Was hoping to find more from Gorillaz, Michael Jackson, Weezer, and Linkin Park. Had a blast and I’ll have to keep an eye out for more conventions. I think I paid about $75 for everything

  35. What was the price? Did it come with the monitor stand?

  36. Paid $300. Came with the monitor stand and all the origin cables, books, and other extras. Sadly I dropped the Apple RCA cable in the guys driveway. He also forgot to include some boxed software that was displayed with the machine. Whoops! Heading back tomorrow to pickup the forgotten. Giving it a nice clean at the moment

  37. Hi, do you still have that export lying around?

  38. I’ll look. But doubt I do. In the end I never got the RGB working and just put it all back stock. Don’t think I kept any of the data from the attempt

  39. Happy birthday and nice Mac! I always loved Apple’s attention to detail. On OS 9 the default wallpaper matches the iMacs housing color

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