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  1. I haven’t noticed any real difference. It was mostly slight nudges. Shyvana and Ao Shin are a little better. Ez+Karma reroll might be a little more tempting but probably still quite weak. Xayah with Shyvana might make an appearance. That’s about it for me. Happy to hear from everyone else :-)

  2. Just a nerd platinum player here. What is Ez / Karma reroll?

  3. If nightlife is important to you then the Heights. If not then for sure the Woodlands.

  4. It's not, a lot of people are saying woodlands I'll check it out.

  5. Not sure your budget but was living downtown on buffalo bayou and commuting to the same place for three years. Going against traffic was a breeze. Loved my apt and location was fantastic. Marquis lofts on Sabine.

  6. I'll check it out. Not the biggest fan of living downtown but if it's a nice area and an easy commute I'll consider it! Thank you!

  7. It's a speaker/siren for an alarm. Usually a building-wide fire alarm, which is not otherwise connected to the smoke detectors in your unit.

  8. The real problem is the bug that happens if you go look at someone’s board and they’re in the middle of it.

  9. Do u have a link of this happening? I’m interested to see it happen in game.

  10. Here’s a link to another post about it on the regular TFT Reddit.

  11. It was me vs. the last opponent the other day, it was pretty close and he said “you ready for the secret, game ending, surprise?”

  12. I want to stress that this is only a good idea if you actually have good understanding of these comps, I have tried pivoting into comps I don't know very well and absolutely ran it down when I could have easily top 4'd just committing to my contested comp.

  13. This is something I literally just learned myself. Tried pivoting to a comp I didn’t know how to play and ran it down.

  14. So weird seeing this on the front page. I go here all the time!

  15. Read once on a similar post: “You’re a silly little boy and you’re never gonna go to space.”

  16. Yeah.. Swain was not the porblem here buddy, it was Sejuani doing up to 4k damage to her target + 2k in a cone in front of her lmao

  17. I was using “Swain” as really my term for any dragonmancer comp, since that’s typically the carry. 9 dragonmancer is hard to beat, but it can be done.

  18. Fair, I agree with you then, it can definitely be beaten especially with Soy 3*, it all comes down to positioning at this point tho

  19. Yeah I’d be interested to see his positioning as well. Matters a lot in SOY

  20. Guild xayah is still the most consistent and powerful top 4 when you have the correct augments. I thought xayah was no longer good after the patch and was demoted from GM.... I'm starting xayah again and getting lp. Guild emblem or Stand United is ideal.

  21. Nope lol. Started this set 6. I came from DotA Underlords, and when valve made an update to extend the season 1 to another 10years, effectively killing the game, I left.

  22. Holy fuck I forgot about dota underlords. I played the shit out of that before TFT came out.

  23. Relieved. Looked as though he was about to go full GoT for a minute there.

  24. Care to explain? I’m American and a little bit removed from him / the UK politics.

  25. He's an honourless liar with zero dignity or respect for the country or the office he held.

  26. Had to scroll way too far for my dog Bulba. Been my favorite since they came out.

  27. So whoever made this has people born in May and June that they hate. Because those are the only two months where there really isn't an argument for being able to keep you alive for 3 minutes.

  28. Y’all can all thank me. I’m moving this week and got a whole bunch of free cardboard boxes from work that were in the back of my truck.

  29. We have some in our garage if you need any. I have a chill week and don’t mind dropping them off if you want to DM me a public place to meet.

  30. I'll get some more from work today. We always have an endless supply of boxes. Thank you though!

  31. You have to recompress every file that was written to even once. That includes copying/moving the file - the copy will be uncompressed. So yeah, frequently updating games are not the best usecase for this software. Not to say that with each recompression you waste your SSD resource by writing a compressed copy to it.

  32. Yeah, I figured as much. I hope this gets some attention because 30gig download for every hotfix and patch is a little much. I have gig internet and it’s still a lengthy process.

  33. Wait, did you really have a 30 gigs download for patches? Kinda missed that thing in your first comment...

  34. Yeah, I read somewhere that Steam and the Unreal engine used to make the Cycle don't play friendly with each other (or something) so every patch / hotfix it has to re-verify all the files again. I don't know if it's "technically" downloading everything again, but I have a gig internet and it takes me a bit to patch no matter how small.

  35. Yup I think so. I just found out there’s a “short hair border collie” and she has a brown undercoat so I think she’s a Border Jack! Thank you!

  36. No one mentioning MF not attacking the minion to reset her passive. She gets extra damage on a new target I believe.

  37. The extra passive dmg wouldnt make up for the missing auto i think, mf did q the minion for the passive.

  38. Does Q proc the passive? I thought it was basic attacks only?

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