1. A gif for all those people who think the 80's were only about 20 years ago.

  2. Bring a man to the beach, give him a shovel, and he’s gonna dig a massive hole simply because. Similarly, bring a man to the beach and walk by another man digging a massive hole, the first man WILL stop, observe, comment and oftentimes want to join in the digging of said massive hole

  3. I don't know about a big hole, but definitely a canal system.

  4. Santos really is the epitome of MAGA GQP:

  5. Despite these allegations, I will remain in the position I was elected for by the people... that I completely lied to about every facet about my life.

  6. I hate to break it to you but they are listening regardless of what you say. Just because Alexa or Siri isn’t activated doesn’t mean the microphone isn’t functioning.

  7. Many times there was something my wife and I would be talking about then suddenly a day or two later pops up in an ad on Facebook.

  8. Like comet, it's a mild abrasive. So like super fine sand paper. Works great.

  9. Obligatory correct usage of confession bear comment.

  10. What does it say about me that I'm " you do you, bro. Ain't hurting nobody"?

  11. Hey, in certainly not going to kink shame, but getting off to gender swapped pictures of yourself says a lot. Most of it not good, but I'm no analrapist.

  12. The only difference between that and any other car is you know the owner can afford good lawyers and fuck you up out of spite.

  13. It's easy to smash the windscreen. Pro move is to pour liquid fart into the external vent intakes.

  14. But I bet your kitty still thinks he’s the best anxious kitty there is

  15. The anxiety comes from knowing they're the best and that someone is trying to take that title away from them.

  16. you might be able to fish it out using a strong suction cup on the screen. the small kind used for electronics repairs

  17. Or like a bathroom one that has the flip down hook. Those fuckers have some pull.

  18. Reddits answer to every single marital spat is divorce. This is objectively hilarious

  19. Wife asked you to separate lights and darks? Hit the gym and lawyer up.

  20. Don't forget, it's also something designed to kill opponents.

  21. Technically it indiscriminately injures everyone near by when it goes off. Also quite apt.

  22. Very nice camera personality, and his parents were a joy at the end of every episode.

  23. One of the only times my wife got a little teary from a "celebrity" death was the first episode after his dad died.

  24. glad they did. no place for that in school

  25. A little upset at first seeing the teacher fired for her onlyfans thinking that's fucked up though I know some districts are crazy strict about their morality clauses. I've heard of teachers getting reprimanded for having pics of them drinking alcohol on social media.

  26. It's just funny how the men pretty much just dress however, jeans, button up, suspenders or belt, while the women have to make their dresses and wear that bonnet.

  27. Nothing scarier than a furry with a vore fetish.

  28. Having to watch non on-demand tv at a specific time. This was exciting because you had to be ready to watch so it was like an event, and the following day at school everyone would be talking because that was the only the time you could watch whatever program it was. You don’t really get this with streaming in quite the same way because everyone watches on their own schedules.

  29. I was just talking to my wife about how even ppv use to he like that. You had to buy a specific time slot so it something happened, you are just out of luck. It was huge news when the price got bumped up a dollar but It was for a full 24 hours. The movie still aired at specific times, but you had more opportunities to watch.

  30. Guys wearing jean shorts. It was a different time

  31. Maybe a PA, but definitely housekeeper. I spend way too much time cleaning. Also a ground keeper. Not a gardener because I like that part, but just someone to mow, rake leaves, and pull weeds. No chemicals, just the old fashion way.

  32. The main two I've noticed are the "ideal male body" trope of the girl always getting the ridiculously fit and shredded, tall, perfect skin, hair and teeth, etc. Essentially the male equivalent of a Victoria's Secret model. And the expectation of grandiose romantic gestures like spontaneous trips to foreign countries, huge spectacular proposals and wedding ceremonies that are realistically prohibitively expensive

  33. One example I use is this show on Netflix my wife watched. It was pretty popular for a while but I forgot the title. One of the main characters is a fairly average looking woman that was substantially overweight. A plot arc was that her ex, which is this ruggedly handsome and jacked dude, is trying to win her back while some other new guy that is equally jacked is trying to woo her. Now I'm not saying it's impossible for a dude that spends a couple hours a day on the gym, 5-6 days a week, to be attracted to a woman 100+ pounds overweight but it's unlikely. Two guys like that fighting over that same woman is just ridiculous.

  34. When you decide to compete in a "sport" where you just slap each other, people are allowed to laugh if you go ass over tea kettle.

  35. please please someone put some skateboards under that

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