1. Nobody here is accepting American dollars as payment. What an odd thing to say

  2. Aren’t there bars that go under Smith St? Used to be old tunnels. I can’t remember the original purpose. I went to wedding in one ages ago.

  3. Supposedly there’s a tunnel that goes from the Tote across the road. There’s definitely a tunnel under it, I’ve got friends that went in it when it closed during the SLAM era, but they didn’t follow it until the end.

  4. Aren't they the same thing as telegraph?

  5. He uses them in place of telegraphs, but semaphore is based around flag waving signals instead of pulses

  6. How the hell do people find exercise enjoyable? Or find the motivation?

  7. I dunno if I’ve ever found it enjoyable, but once you start to feel the effects (improved strength, fitness whatever) there’s an excellent feeling that you’ve achieved something. The actual exercise I could take or leave but the effects are great

  8. Love the 3RRR, some friends even had Jon Von Goes who present the 2-4 slot on a sunday as their marriage celebrant

  9. I had him do my wedding as well. He does an amazing job and is bloody funny at the same time

  10. Melbcat was sick at 1am and then I got up at 6am for her first lot of meds. She’s gone back in her cubby. Poor little chicken.

  11. Oops. I forgot Xbox has all that stupid naming convention going on and that “current gen” is actually two different consoles for Microsoft.

  12. You don’t even need a PS5 anymore just a bit of patience and their games come to PC anyway

  13. You're pretty solidly a Millennial. Like, Xennials are 1978-1983, which makes the oldest youngest Xennials 40 this year.

  14. You’re out with your maths there, the oldest would be 45 if they were born in 1978

  15. I love this weather, I’ve got on shorts and a cardigan. Both comfortable and stylish (when you’re above a certain age and have stopped caring)

  16. I had to scroll down too damn far to find dio

  17. They also do that with posts that have nothing to do with their own state. Someone from California will walk about CA rental laws when the OP isn't from California.

  18. Or you’ll be in an Australian sub talking about the desert in WA (Western Australia) and get a whole bunch of replies like “what desert in Washington?!!!!”

  19. Can you imagine a foreigner using vegemite on their recipes and them coming to Melbourne to say that you guys are doing it wrong and your vegemite recipes suck?

  20. I certainly can. I don’t have to believe them, I don’t have to agree and I can make as much fun of them for it as I like. But it’s still doesn’t take anything from my culture or the product themselves. That’s their opinion and their welcome to it.

  21. So ,I make fun of you guys for thinking “we do coffee the right way”

  22. Your comment came across less making fun and more of an attack, but if you’re making fun than no worries. It might not be the normal but it’s good coffee and that’s all I really care about

  23. Solo was the worst offender, feels like the script started off as a checklist of things Han Solo mentioned in the OT

  24. I was waiting for the big reveal of where he got his vest for the whole film

  25. I got told a couple of times I had a sexy speaking voice. I think it stuck with me because it’s one of those things you can’t really control and I’ve been riding in that for a couple of decades now

  26. Everyone always forgets about cassowaries, until they’re right in front of you

  27. The game isn’t even out yet

  28. Shhhh, Bethesda are the worst and have never released a good game. That’s where we are now

  29. If anyone has kids and wants to take them to the movies, heads up Lyle, Lyle crocodile is a bloody slog to get through. Puss in boots is alright.

  30. We enjoyed Puss in Boots. Mainly because we can apply it to the furry characters in our home.

  31. My kid loved it and that’s the main thing. She’s obsessed with our cat though so it definitely helps

  32. I wonder if work will mind too much if I just... don't...

  33. I’m already sowing the seeds of ditching this afternoon and going to the movies

  34. Uber driver’s playing some classical sounding music with chanting and I was torn between religion and video game.

  35. I’m assuming the Irish song in question is Jump around by House of Pain

  36. The ruthless part may be from Abe, but Maggie definitely gets her marksmanship from Marge. In the episode where she was a policewoman she was a crack shot. Ditto Bart and his slingshot.

  37. I played in some bands and in my first one two of the guys had dads like you that were musicians and played to them and taught them young. I’m still jealous of those guys, music was completely demystified for them, so the neat thing is you get to bring your hobby to them

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