1. I'd give you advice, but let's face it- If you are really honest with yourself, you're going to end up doing both.

  2. Very true. Having a longer weapon keeps you farther away from your opponant and may be able to make it easier for you damage them without them damaging you. However, like you implied there is also a skill factor.

  3. Audacity is a skill all to itself. I would love to see a video of that fight 🤣😂

  4. Hehehe, sadly noone was filming :) I think that was the only round I won, but it was certainly a highlight... lol

  5. I guess it is the kind of tactic that only really works once. So, OP, If you find yourself in a situation where you're going to probably die anyways, ultraviolence suicidal attacks are a good option.

  6. Add decent hand protection to a Han Jian like the LK Chen? Viola! Perfect practical sword.

  7. This actually wouldn't work that well. The biggest improvement we had done is ultra consistent through tempering with furnaces accurate to the degree. If it's soft in the middle, hard on the edge, it'll take a set.

  8. well, now there's another reason i should up my game.

  9. so you'd have to do a big enough order to cover your loss for losing the cert.. lol

  10. To get near obsidian sharp steel, look no further than razorblades and scalpels. Unfortunately to make a blade very sharp you need to sacrifice a lot of durability

  11. Nope. Obsidian is still sharper. We still use obsidian for eye and nerve surgeries.

  12. "To get near obsidian sharp steel" I acknowledge those tools aren't nearly as sharp as obsidian

  13. True. But it's still seriously not even close. Obsidian is a near monoatomic edge. Even the best steel is a couple orders of magnitude more than that.

  14. True enough. Not a whole lot of reason to be shooting a shotgun at someone over 40 yards away.

  15. Well if they are 40 yards away they certainly aren't in my apartment.

  16. They'd still be in my yard. But I don't classify them as a threat worth shooting at unless they're in the house or doing something significantly aggressive outside.

  17. the other cool thing about mineral oil is its almost always available for cheap where over the counter meds are sold, like the pharmacy section of your grocery store. It can be used as a laxative, hence it being in the pharmacy section. You can get a decent size bottle for like 6$ and its what I use on all my training swords.

  18. I think Renaissance wax is microcrystalline wax and mineral oil isn't it?

  19. Johnson's Paste Wax is an alternative to Renaissance Wax and is probably going to be cheaper and definitely easier to find. Don't fall into the trap of "oh, this is what they used in 9k BC to treat their stone spears" it's a marketing ploy.

  20. They didn't have microcrystalline wax and mineral oil in 9k BC. Both are synthetic/refined products.

  21. So- kind of, and kind of. Higher carbon steel will etch a different color than lower carbon, and while it's not quite martensite and perlite having visible patterns, if you have them next to each other on a piece of steel, they are slightly visibly different. That's how hamons work.

  22. The fact that it's not magnetic means it's low or no iron alloy. The lime juice not reacting also points to that.

  23. Austenitic stainless steel is non-magnetic and still mostly iron. If it's steel weight, but non magnetic, it's stainless.

  24. Bro, Head over to R/WMA That's their Field. Check out HEMA schools near you, the UK has a lot of great ones. Welcome to the sport.

  25. You can. You can also look up "how to make tin pants" on youtube and make a tougher version.

  26. You could totally do that! I didn’t want to modify a more expensive part, I suppose.

  27. Yeah, I get that. I would definitely wouldn't do the modification with just a dremel. But I think for reliability, machining the frame is the better option.

  28. I'm going to talk with my gunsmith about the project before I get too involved though.

  29. It may be worth considering having somebody braze this back together, it will be stronger than soldering and less like to break again.

  30. As a certified master armorer, and someone with a degree in welding technology,

  31. That price is looong out of date😁. That was the first of my custom orders that ended up as a production model. That happened twice up until now...

  32. They still make them, they're just out of stock at the moment due to demand. There's basically no competition for the 590 at the moment. Really, there's no competition for any Mossberg shotguns. They're the only option on the street until remarms gets back to 100%

  33. Unless you are ultra proficient it's literally the worst option. If you want to use a shotgun for home defense, I would hunt for an 18-in barrel Mossberg 590 and swap the factory stock with a Magpul SGA, or a hogue short shot.

  34. Noted! So you're telling me if I disassemble the trigger group and drop it facing a deer, I actually have a chance of hitting it??? /s

  35. I don't shoot sabots much. But I strongly doubt it's the bolt or trigger with it being totally reliable with the other barrels.

  36. Right, that's what's weird to me. 4 different sabots with the same issue. Could I have really gotten two crap barrels in a row? Maybe the idea of running a buttload of something else through that barrel is next. Something small like #7 as you said won't damage the threads?

  37. Possibly. Or there could have been a batch of really hard primers. There's only half a dozen or so primer manufacturers in the US. And only a few dozen world wide.

  38. Sweet. Anything that's a combination of known ingredients, historically, is cool, but something we have evidence was also actually done gives you a lot more room for creativity while still being historical instead of purely speculative, in my opinion.

  39. Add milk, don't chop too hard. Or I hear shotgun primer will fit on black powder nipple. I recently heard that primers actually are difficult to make inert.

  40. "shotgun primers will fit on black powder nipples" No? They're a totally different design. There's some black powder guns that use shotgun primers (209's) but a BP cap for an OG gun and a 209 are not interchangeable.

  41. Yeah, contact cement is probably your best option. There's dozens of different brands you can get, I'm partial to barge. For the IR reflective part, I would laser out a stencil in the negative of the design so you don't get contact cement in places that will be exposed. You have to coat both sides. I would also edge stitch the cordura down.

  42. That is part of the design. You don't want a slide that has no torsional movement, because that would cause it to bind in unsavory conditions.

  43. It's brazed on. You can remove it with a torch but you are going to fuck up the finish and I'm not sure the barrel would even be tapped for a bead sight. I'd have a gunsmith do it if anything.

  44. I got a mossberg 590a1 retrograde, it’s sights a little high profile for my liking and I like to switch it out for just a bead but I’m wondering how intensive is it? It would appear the front sight is attached to the barrel with adhesive (please correct me if it’s not). What do y’all advise for removing that front sight and what do y’all suggest replacing it with, a specific bead? Is attached with the same type of adhesive? What type of adhesive?

  45. Mossberg uses high temperature silver solder to apply their front sights. You're not getting it off. My advice to you is to find someone who wants ghost ring sites who has the same gun as you, and trade them your barrel and rear sight for their barrel and plug screws. That's your best option. Your alternate option is finding a barrel with a bead site and ordering plug screws offline. They're not super expensive, but the barrels, when they're in stock, cost more than a Maverick 88. If you're an absolute lunatic who doesn't want to deal with any of that BS, you can remove the 590 magazine tube, and purchase a Maverick 88, steal the barrel and mag tube off of it, and put them on your 590. Then you can mount your 590 tube and barrel on the Maverick 88, creating an abomination I like to call the 588. If you're mechanically handy, and have access to a drill press or mill, you can even drill and tap the receiver. That'll make a 590esque gun you can put a pistol grip on without making the safety unusable.

  46. Nice sword, but why is the handle so long?

  47. It's an aspect ratio thing. He took the picture from the hilt up, it's actually a pretty standard 3:1 ratio.

  48. Just feel in love. One question? How in the hell you unsheathe that monster? Or is that typically sheathed on a horse?

  49. I can (just) unsheathe a 130cm/51.2" long blade from a scabbard. Not sword. Blade. So the full sword would be in the 160cm/63"-165cm/65".

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