1. If people here are upset at likely losing the Rogue brand, maybe said people will understand the sadness of the OpTic-Envy merger for many as well

  2. I agree, but I think Rogue holds more significance in the scene than NV did. When I think of NA rlcs orgs Rogue is near the top.

  3. I meant more in a general esports sense, since my unhappiness at Optic in RL has fallen on deaf ears, but ya, Rogue has had quite the storied journey in RL that has definitely captivated more people

  4. Worth adding, no logo = no flair so even if they get top 4, its no bueno with no logo

  5. Hi! I was wondering, does anyone know when predictions open up for this subreddit?

  6. Friday evening, the first predictions set to go up are for the 4 NA quarter-finals on Saturday, and to predict who wins the first MENA regional out of the 4 teams left after Friday

  7. Why do we still don't know which teams will play in tomorrows EU TOP 16 invitentional qualifier?!

  8. NA's top 16 was only announced on the Thursday before so surely the case with EU too

  9. literally what has furia done THIS YEAR to prove theyre a lock😭😭

  10. Top 6 at two majors and top 4 at worlds earns you a lot of benefit of the doubt who woulda thought

  11. "scrub killa gaming" is this a joke or should it be Sk gaming?

  12. That is the official team name that has been submitted but can change if it's rumored to be SK

  13. Everyone will say Greazy for Metsa, and it's fair, but the issue with that change was not that one was inherently a bad idea, but dropping Metsa for Greazy completely upended the team's structure and made them have no structure.

  14. Beat bravado, pioneers, #3 MENA and Dignitas Vey deserving of a top 11 ranking 😋

  15. Compared to essentially every other team below who's beaten literally no one, and considering all their losses were 4-2 or 4-3 to teams ranked in the top 8, yes it is quite deserved, you'll be hard pressed to find many more impressive recent runs of form below that.

  16. Williams Resolve's flair is live on this subreddit. Emoji code is :Resolve:

  17. It's entirely possible that all 3 players have already Fairy Peaked!

  18. And? This could literally apply to most teams outside of very new and emerging players.

  19. Another great announcement video, actually gave me chills and really emphasizes the reverence these players command historically.

  20. He didn't make it out of quals. He's low tier and only ever had success when he had beastmode with him

  21. He did literally qualify for RLCS league play with Sea-Bass back when it was super exclusive, CLT choke and subsequent Flight failure aside.

  22. More comments for this thread than an entire split's worth of non NA/EU RLCS events threads

  23. Why is Luminosity a higher seed than Axle? They finished closed quals with the same differential, and axle came in with a higher seed. Can someone explain how this works?

  24. After series record and game diff, but before initial seed, there is a head-to-head check for that particular swiss stage. Luminosity beat Axle in that Swiss so they get seeder higher.

  25. If Complexity vs Furia isn't the main stream featured match we riot

  26. Splash - Alpha54 after he carried TSM vs mousesports with it not even 24 hours after it was put into the rewards pool

  27. Also, Atomic Blip with AJG considering his RLCS X season is the reason I use that goal explosion

  28. Love it. This is the type of content the scene needs, there are so many good stories littered up and down the scene beyond the world champions or all-time great moments, I'm glad one of them has been given the treatment it deserves.

  29. Even tho it's unideal, I can see Shad on an individual level, having a standout season and potentially put up some mind-boggling numbers. While he is not the best in the region now, that status has to belong to Lostt or Sad, he'll likely be the standout of the non-major players globally cos I do rate him even with his poorer end of season form, on par with or better than a Nxghtt for example, which puts him right up there in SAM's top 5.

  30. Math not having a team is crazy, he’s easily one of the most mechanical players in all of South America, has been in the scene since the beginning and is a pretty consistent player imo. I can’t really understand why he’s not on a team besides maybe personal reasons

  31. Could be contractual with Team Secret too, he's still on their bench

  32. OCE consistently has the best unsigned team names in RL

  33. And he is one. He transitioned to BDS' manager for Spring Split and

  34. Front running team to make the major after the big 4 of BDS/Moist/Liquid/KC imo. An already good squad is getting a whole lot better now

  35. What about joreuz,Archie,oaly i would rate them highly tbh

  36. Their ceiling should be right up there but there are too many question marks surrounding all the individuals here in regards to their ability to perform at a high level consistently that they all need to prove otherwise before being given automatic faith, whereas I know what I'm gonna get from EG will be at least good, but could potentially be great.

  37. I am also going with this for something that's a little bold but really could happen cos Zen can be that guy.

  38. Mine still isn’t working :/

  39. Okay I tried that so we’ll see haha

  40. Yanxnz vs OpTic was my first thought but that was already mentioned, so I'll say M0nkey M00n vs NRG.

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