1. I should have known it would break down, It's Sunday end of weekly candle.

  2. How could possibly anyone knows that, it happened so freaking fast.

  3. BTC has been winding down sideways for like this whole week and was gonna break up or dodwn, if you were looking at the charts.

  4. Personally worry OP is the scammer here... maybe one of those gas drainer scams or something... You really shouldn't post like this even if it's legit. I find it hard to believe you would know how to buy crypto in 2014 but now not have a clue what to do next...

  5. For reals, he didn't explain how he found it and WITH the keys? Big red flag... I bet he's telling all the people who DM him to send him some kind of money and he'll send back 10x the amount or some shit...

  6. Maybe underlying diseases lowers or elevates serum D? Active D is just as important in monitoring. Low D increases active D, which leads to increases in proteins that release calcium from bones, leading to osteoperosis and other issues...A study said if I increased D , active D should fall, tested it to be true in my case. Mine was less than 10 serum and just above max for active D i think at around 72, but this summer I made sure to get a lot of sun,, and my serum is just at 19 disappointingly but my active D is back to mid range. I do feel a bit improved overall...but still in bad shape.

  7. Weekly candle closes in 3 hours? UTC(0)? London Time?

  8. Watch out for teams. I've played the sitngo's and ran into a couple of them, folding big blind when goes all in for double the blinds heads up, or folding small blind when big blind is already all, both with good stacks. And some other obvious hands. Never play each other or play soft.

  9. I played one and instantly saw something was off.. they never played each other and chip leader folded to other guys allin with less then a BB to call..

  10. yeah can they make it anymore obvious, but they had no choice right there other than to reveal their collusion. I once had the same two guys final 3, on two different tables, doing the same shit. knocked me out third from chip lead with one guy coming back from super short stack. I was so mad, it was a 50 or $100 buyin..The other I think I managed 2nd or 3rd. Tagged them in players notes, and reported them... now I lost my taste for playing on there.

  11. Yeah they just need your email to com'a knockin' at your door.

  12. Because I was near that high saturation in 2020. Luckily no damage to my liver. 96%

  13. I see. Thanks, High saturation is the indicator then it seems.

  14. Dodge Caravan or Town and Country. Two back rows fold in flush on the floor.

  15. Get yourself a Jackery, It's an all in one unit that will meet your needs perfectly.

  16. He's on a low budget. I don't think he can get around his power needs without spending the same for a more effecient solar system, even a single 100w panel system would a better option than a workaround.

  17. Wearing thin socks on the urinal-adjacent floor? Uhhhhhhhhh... Absolutely not.

  18. I just think this guy is trolling us, posing right in front of urinals? Just can't be real. "C'mon Man!" lol

  19. The mirrors were clearly across from the urinals, he was watching himself

  20. Still, it's in bad taste, he's not going to have a mirror on stage.

  21. Doctors don't want to miss that one time where the cause was something else and not what was expected. It's not only gastro that does this.

  22. Or they need to keep the equipment and technician in use while making some money. It's like going in cause something was poking my eye and the make me take a contast die and eye scan when they can clearly see it was ingrown hair poking me. Never went back to them again. Pluck them out myself.

  23. Certain foods and supplements can make hemmorhoids flare up. I had a flare up recently after a fews years from one or all of these things I added, oregano flakes/oil, vitamin E, flaxseed oil, and maybe a couple other things I reintroduce but aren't likely like eggs, and flour tortillas cause i've eaten them fine earlier this year and last. Although the flour tortillas come to think of it does cause bowel issues at times, so that with in combination with the others could also make it worse.

  24. No idea why this is getting downvoted.. must hit too close to home for some lock down lovers in North America

  25. That's a hefty inverter in weight and in price. Does it significantly reduce noise down the line or EMF/RF from it?

  26. Hey I’m just here to ask how you got your post approved?

  27. Maybe it's because OP's account has been around much less years, has way less post karma, zero award karma, and a better user name than you? /s

  28. So your prediction is a big LTC dump is coming? Where do you think the bottom will be?

  29. It's not exactly that. It's just that ltc should be down a lot more than it is right now and because of that, I expect a correction of which people should be wary of.

  30. Personally I thought it was up because, one, the halvening, and two exchange tokens and stablecoins taking a hit because of the FTX scandal. LTC does have it's small breakouts that are not Nysnc with the market or btc, in the past. BUT spikes in the ratio like these have always come with spikes down, even on an uptrend, so there's that. You might be right, to be wary of a sell-off, but the ratio may still be strong on an uptrend.

  31. The context is that OP is so desperate for sex that just the idea of a woman wanting to have sex is "kinky" to him. A very weird thing to say and a definite mood killer.

  32. I thought it was funny considering they all know he's been single for 10 years. How dumb are they to ask a question like that when everyone is answering in terms of sex with each other and not get the humor?

  33. Nah he was just trying to resuscitate the crypto industry a bit, he knew coinbase was straight. Him and Bryan Armstrong probably conspired to take down FTX. Same enemy makes us friends.

  34. Lol my dad says he’ll buy Doge under .01, ETH under $500 and BTC under $10,000.

  35. It's not malicious, I guess.... it's just a classic clickbaity click hole

  36. Yeah whenever I see something like "Police Discover her in the most unexpected place." big red flag.

  37. Do you think the increased amount of reactions in your post is purely related to your ass cheecks?

  38. I thought it was his long black chlong wiplashing over his bad.

  39. I’m taking a pill of 500,000 UI twice a day for 10 days (was supposed to take 3 but was too much for me). To be repeated once a month until getting rid of Candida. My doctor said usually it takes 3-4 months.

  40. Coinbase is removing linked bank accounts and sending out emails about the change. There will be no way to ACH without Plaid according to official support in their subreddit.

  41. that could make a lot of sense, thank you for the input! would you say miralax causes any diarrhea or anything? I also suffer from chronic nausea and cyclic vomiting syndrome so if there's a higher chance it'll upset my upper GI I would be a bit more hesitant to take it... Though surely I'll look further into the Dex and probiotic use, thank you for your help

  42. Miralax just hold on to water a bit, if you are constipated, one or twice a day wont cause diarhhea but more of a mushy or soft stool. Unlike milk of mag or mag citrate, those can cause diarrhea if go over your body's dosage requirements.

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