Rapper 6ix9ine jumped in bathroom at LA FITNESS

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  1. You already used them. The notification came late. It’s been happening all season.

  2. I don't think I did, I just hit lvl 60 like last time I played I'm guessing and I never 20 stars then either. I'm pretty sure I would have remembered getting that much.

  3. Scooby died years ago and this is how Shaggy has coped with his loss.

  4. You're right, I was high and on one my bad. Wow, it is the exact same piece too.

  5. Yo I saw that post this morning and didn’t even take it as real shit.

  6. OMG instant crave. Can’t wait to sun up baby!

  7. Hit ‘em with the “You oughta be ashamed of yourself…” lol

  8. Read this in Quagmire’s voice. Seemed fitting

  9. Looks like a lot more than 3GS. Looks close to a half

  10. From his stance and technique the bill looks to a have some sort of training too. Where the fuck is John Kreese at? He needs to get one of his damn kids.

  11. Those horses are well trained. I thought for sure the dog was going to get trampled.

  12. Still don’t know what they are famous for…all these years and I never cared to do a little google.

  13. I’m more shocked at the fact it took this long for this to happen. You know what they say…

  14. She saying what we’re all thinking. What I’m thinking anyway.

  15. PEOPLE FUCK WEIRD THINGS! It’s not just men or women, it’s people. I’ve heard some wild stories about both using inanimate objects, animals, young people, old people. It’s people man, let’s just get over it.

  16. This isn’t even close to his best throw that I’ve seen. He’s a sniper with those cakes.

  17. This video never gets any less cringy. I’m biting my tongue the whole time watching out of secondhand embarrassment. What a chode.

  18. Tripped me tf out cause I thought they were real 🤣 look awesome tho man!

  19. Yeah at first I didn’t know at all what I was looking at.

  20. Literally watch AOT right now, about 4 episodes ahead of where their at in the clip.

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