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  1. Well, this is not just restricted to Walmart. That right there is the 2020's in a nutshell.

  2. you must not know anything of History if you’re so confident lgbt and gender conforming people are new thing from 2016 and now

  3. It is definitely not a new thing, there's always been people believing they were something they weren't born as.

  4. Now that Reddick has come on, I dunno if at this moment in time we need to trade for anyone

  5. What about Linebacker or Safety? This team is stacked...

  6. Here is a gernal question, what area of the team needs to be improved? ..... Because I feel that this team can make a push, similar to '17..

  7. So many people who still think this is a UFO .. 😆 🤣

  8. Scarlet Witch has got to be near the top.

  9. Bear meat is delicious. Don’t assume the worst

  10. It is good. It just has to be cooked well done to prevent parasites. Bear fat is amazing to fry things in

  11. I mean there’s a lot of anti police sentiment going around atm, this could easily slide into the list of reasons to dislike or distrust cops without proper context.

  12. Some of those same anti-trust in police people would call this a weapon. I am just assuming based on some of the trends.

  13. Nope... I don't blame them at all. Not to dive too deep into it, because I don't want to, but I've seen both sides of that coin first hand. So I can somewhat imagine what some people feel.

  14. Are Osprey part of the Air National Guard? We have planes and helicopters flying around, which could either be from Willowgrove (PA) Air Force Base or the Air National Guard. Not sure...

  15. You can immediately see the bond that the big cat has with the man. I'm not sure what country this is..

  16. Looks like a decent Texas Rig. I've have just starting trying to use this rig, myself. Usually did minnows or live worms.

  17. My friend of Misery ... Person favorite

  18. Look at those eyes, he looks possessed.

  19. What a unit! Who's dog is that though?

  20. Damnnnn .... I could only imagine. However people were earning on average, what? $2/hour?

  21. I actually found one of these when I was a kid. I brought it in side, and my Iguana, Gizmo found himself a mighty meal.... 😒

  22. Damnnn... I do believe, off the top of my, that this is going to be a Moon Moth.

  23. If you know how to work your drag on you’re reel it simply comes down to if anything hits your fishing line.

  24. I would think the rod would snap before that point. That appears to be just a common bass rod. You'd need a "bay rod" with weight test up to 50lbs.

  25. If I had 300lb test on a Mickey Mouse reel I could just straighten the rod and negate that’s problem. Other than that it’s luck on what’s in the lines path

  26. You could put said Mickey Mouse reel on a bay rod.

  27. Well, the bird was not where I put it, in a warm spot. So it must've been able to regain and fly off.

  28. How about some of those behemoths who compete in the World Strongman Competitions.... THEY are man mountains.

  29. True class act. Optimistic that some of the on field improvement I see in week one, continue the rest of the way.

  30. Easy target, look at all the center mass.

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