1. Buffer spring only slows it at the end of the cycle and returns it home. It has zero to to with holding the bolt in place while firing.

  2. I’m not certain that’s true. Buffer spring would be applying a force on the bolt. That force would partially cancel out with the force pushing the bolt back

  3. Don’t have sex with anyone you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with

  4. What handguard are you running on that? Been thinking about swapping my ATLAS S-ONE to something different

  5. It’s no different to blame the entire trans community on the actions of a few as it is to blame all gun owners for the actions of a few. Do better. That’s not how rights work.

  6. I keep telling myself I don’t need a CTR and then I keep seeing posts like this.

  7. I got this exact upper on sale for $360 and slapped it on a PSA A2 lower I had

  8. I just told myself I was done spending money dammit.

  9. How about partisan groups? My first thought was all the different groups in WW2. Maybe not necessarily civilian anymore but definitely a good argument, some of the resistance groups gave the Nazis hell in occupied territories

  10. Love my 9CT. Been flawless for me. But those ETS mags are hot garbage. One broke when I loaded it at my first range trip. Lol Only used HK mags since.

  11. Surprisingly for all the hate they’ve gotten they ran perfect for me, they feel super cheap though so they are definitely getting replaced

  12. First thing I’m upgrading. Was thinking MKE mags or should I just cry once and buy the HK mags?

  13. Expanding on that even more, I realize how much this hobby has absolutely fucked my sense of monetary value. The next day after buying this, I went to Home Depot and the really nice riding lawn mower out front was like $2500 and I honestly just kind of stared at it for a minute as I realized the gravity of my sickness.

  14. I work at Home Depot. The day I bought my Ruger Precision Rifle and Viper PST Gen 2 I came into work and a guy was asking about those same lawn tractors

  15. Remove the rail covers and mount optics on the side rails

  16. Why not a 180? I don't mind an upside down optic

  17. You have to reserve the 180 for when shooting in Australia. That way your BDC is accurate

  18. How much can you fit in the pockets?

  19. I have an Aimpoint PRO on my 14.5 and I love it so my vote is for Aimpoint

  20. I run the VG6 epsilon and I quite like it, not too much fun for the people around you but does a very good job in my opinion.

  21. For a purely competition Gun? Sure, i think it can be pretty neat, I used to play paintball a lot and our electronic guns were a blast and had some great benefits so i might be more optimistic than most

  22. Normally yes, especially when it comes from organizations like the NRA who don’t actually do anything but ask for more money, that being said FPC does good enough work that I can live with emails from them

  23. Oh this is dangerous to my wallet.

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