1. She only has 1000 hit points and a Log and Fireball will kill her.... I dont get how shes hard to defend at the bridge when they already nerfed her ability to the point where its not instant..theres a delay before she cloaks any mini tank can distract her long enough for you to counter: Valk , knight , Ive golem or even swarm cards can distract...and there is no 3 card cycle anymore because mirror was nerfed......she has the lowest hp out of all champions and very slow attack speed...if they continue to nerf her what will she be good at?....Id argue that there are just waay too many good defensive cards and not enough Good offensive cards in the game..

  2. alternatives for a swarm troop like skarmy are Goblins, Guards, Goblin gang

  3. But that was also the drill meta iirc, and log is a good "half counter" to drill, paired with a troop full defend the drill.

  4. thata the thing, log is good half counter to everything, royal giant for example

  5. Ash has good range and doesn't rely on his super that much, he shouldnt get this trait.

  6. + standing still if you have sp, it actually makes super faster as well


  8. Supercell really doesn't care about the lvl 1 community, they completely killed it a few years ago on CR when they revamped the matchmaking system, despite that lvl 1 community being actually pretty sizable on CR. I doubt they care about it on BS

  9. in recent path of legends update they made it so that yoy need certain king level to even advance to the next arena, if you don't then you get like max 5 trophies per win

  10. place first super at the bottom end of the map and on the line with piper

  11. It’s a unite thing I play unite to everybody’s hates it like everybody hates Meg here

  12. In my opinion they should have just reworked it rather than striking it's radius to the size of my pee pee Double damage but make it so you can't destroy walls simple

  13. walking cane sucks at breaking walls, it doesnt let you change environment the way you want. walking cane's purpose is pulling enemies like gene. grand piano can't even hit an opponent so it doesnt matter how much damage it does so it would outclassed by walking cane by a lot. currently both gadgets are good options.

  14. As someone with every chromatic (excluding Mandy), why are you trying to flex

  15. played all of landscape beta but stopped playing around brawl pass era

  16. i watched the live, you played really well there

  17. At the cost of 90% of the move's defensive capabilities, it's not a buff lol

  18. I hit rank 25 on lvl 9 Bibi in Backyard Bowl today 💀

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