1. Would love to purchase everything from 1959

  2. If still available I’ll take it!

  3. Hey I think that’s my keyboard in the background Xd

  4. Would love to trade or buy the Musial!

  5. Absolutely! Send me a pm with a price and what you pc!

  6. I have a Robin Roberts, but its not in the best condition, I would take $5 if u want it

  7. Sure, will you pm me a picture of it?

  8. Lttf 1959 Topps flagship. Will purchase too!

  9. I got the one /25 if anyone or you are trying to build a rainbow xd

  10. I’ve got some slabbed Bo’s ft

  11. $19 includes pwe or $24 bmwt obo

  12. Looking to buy anything Red Sox. Mostly base cards but I’m into autos too

  13. I have a few Dalbec autos fs/ft if you are interested in.

  14. Always looking for anything Shane Bieber! Especially autos and rookies. Thank you!

  15. Got a Bieber2021 Gypsy Queen out of 50 in interested.

  16. Got an altuve sp from 2021 if interested

  17. I’ll take it if it’s still available

  18. Sale pending. If it falls through it’s yours.

  19. Heck ya. El bombi has my favorite base cards. I am attempting to rainbow his 2021 update.

  20. I didn’t plan on selling but I may be convinced otherwise.

  21. I'd trade for the Ferggie Jenkis card

  22. Got the Julio one today. Was hating on 100 until I saw it in person. Cool mail day

  23. Not sure if you want the gold/rainbow foil, but I have both of those for ya!

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