1. You can't get waived resort fees with sapphire. That's the lowest one

  2. He started sucking right around the time he started doing the Corona commercials. Are they paying him in beer?

  3. Some Renegade prompts are deeply satisfying though. Killing Kai Leng and Udina being No. 1 and 2

  4. Charlotte Lewis was by FAR the farthest out of George's league. Just watch The Golden Child and judge for yourself

  5. I wantttttt the kniiiiife....pleeeeeseee

  6. "Red Zone is now exclusive to Scott Hansen"

  7. They're elite alright. Elite at getting holes shot in their tanks. Keep up the good work!

  8. Yeah, slipknot is popular too, and also korn. I hope the genre never dies or stays popular for a long time. i dont think the nu metal died

  9. Metal of any kind will never go away. It's just too damned awesome

  10. He'll probably get a cameo as an ISB informant. Then Syril shows up and things go to hell and poor Linus dies in a hilarious way

  11. Maybe. Cassian had been on the ship before maybe the droid just let him on. "Hey buddy how's it going? You're not going to kill Luthen are you? Are you?!"

  12. Sounds like something Summer Smith would ask 🤣

  13. Gianna Parasini or Shiala both seemed to like Shep a lot. Parasini is a narc but a cute narc

  14. What were the first timers expecting it to be? Just curious. For one it's not Mardi Gras (though the beads can be just as interesting if you're near the parade route). Gasparilla is MUCH better with a group of friends who know how to have fun and/or have a boat. Extra fun if you know someone who lives near Bayshore and can go back to rest. Trying to walk around the whole thing will wear you out fast, especially if its hot.

  15. Illos especially the Mako run to the conduit

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