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  1. You can't proc eager edge twice or three times after switching to the sword, only once.

  2. If you're having trouble with the score part of starhorse's bounties try LFG on the app to do legendary. It's really active after the weekly reset as people are doing it for pinnacles.

  3. Only Funnel-web, Krait, Taipan, Lunulata, and Redback drop from the veist focusing. If you have the app you can look up what each vendor drops under the star chart. Each only drops five weapons.

  4. The vanguard bounties for Stasis we're pretty easy if you stack them up and do multiple weeks quests all at once.

  5. Did you build the first one? After I had the first the second and third dropped fairly quickly.

  6. Saint-14 should have a quest you do to get access. I think it's like 50 crucible kills in elimination and valor ranking (crucible) - I could be very wrong about this, don't remember the specifics of the quest.

  7. I find for time gated bosses vorpal deals better, more consistent, damage. I run relentless strikes/vorpal.

  8. Although progression via dismantle without doing the progression bar on the weapon is not guaranteed.

  9. I've done all my patterns this season without progressing them. Worked every time.

  10. Not understanding, I said every weapon I dismantled or scrapped that had a pattern did credit me that pattern everytime (with zero progression), contrary to the guy who said it wasn't guaranteed...

  11. If you don't mind grinding out Dares of Eternity I'd highly recommend the battler with Incandescent. If you get lucky with a world drop it can roll on Staccato as well and that scout feels amazing imo.

  12. I would recommend Retraced Path with incandescent. Cauls mini tool first because primary, but this trace rifle almost feels like an exotic.

  13. The end of the original comment mentioned the Staccato-46. A solar scout rifle.

  14. Love mine with adaptive munitions. Comes in handy in two man GMs.

  15. The lizard one had the best puzzles I think.

  16. I'm jealous. I've crafted the shotgun, smg, machine gun and sidearm and have had zero scouts with the red border. I keep getting normal ones but none with a red border. I'm starting to think the game is bugged. Lol

  17. Its like it knows what to you want and gives everything but.

  18. Just done a master and it hasn't even registered for the pinnacle also no map fragments again...

  19. You sure it didn't drop as an engram? I have not had or heard of any problems with pinnacles.

  20. see you auntie! that's what I refer to him as...

  21. I got really close. poly barrel, enhanced battery, triple tap, firing line,.. with a stability masterwork.

  22. Tell him he wants relentless strikes as the third perk.

  23. I don’t understand how to do this.

  24. Focus engrams at the war table and keep all the high end stat. I just throw anything 65+ in my vault.

  25. Fps 3D jumping puzzles are different kind of puzzle game.

  26. Play freelance. All matchmaking, no fireteams.

  27. They're bananas. Why are they after Link again? I know they're assassins, but who hired them?

  28. Same. Only the season linear fusion is left for me and the dares trace rifle and raid weapons

  29. Retraced Path with incandescent is very nice

  30. If you find a Sherpa I'd love to join. Haven't done Vow yet.

  31. If you are full on engrams, it will be sent to your postbox as an engram. But if you have space available it will auto-decrypt into a weapon or armor.

  32. Yeah, tritips have two grains. Some people don't know.

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