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  1. U worried about extra studs, look at the hack of electric work done. Not one romex connector on the punch out of the box

  2. HAHAH gotta love it. Nice work !!!

  3. Yeah pull the piece out, figure out its dimensions or what dimensions you’ll need (don’t forget thickness), then head to Lowe’s and buy:

  4. It’s a lot easier to pull dishwasher out and run it while not in cabinet. Like above posts it probably leaking when dishwasher discharges water if not the water line trickling water from connection. Once out you will see for sure.

  5. This is the shit you see on Mayor of Kingstown!!!

  6. @Mr-Sami this my friend is well done !!

  7. Put an inside sweep on the bottom of that door.

  8. Don’t wanna spackle ? Use a 1x6 and a 1x4 finish nail like an L, scribe base molding, tack it to the wall. Paint and fill holes

  9. No wonder why Poland Spring never runs outta water

  10. Grey shirt hardly changed his posture throughout the event.

  11. He looks high as fuk. He’s like wooow did that just happen. Naaa man……

  12. There maybe a defect in the carpet. Would call manufacturer and explain you have 2 places this is happening. They may send someone out to see. Hopefully it will be warranted. You can see the blank spot where this un threaded. Wouldn’t cut it until u call and know for sure. If they tell you no then make the repair.

  13. What you do need to know is if your wife has turned on tracking to see where your at, all day everyday, 24/7

  14. Well Done. I like the way you duplicated the exterior doors.

  15. You might be joining the mile high club

  16. Nothing like having your own Amazon store of stolen goods. Win win situation.

  17. Surge is the guy booking your ride. Everybody pays …,

  18. TV dinners were initially created by Swanson to make use of all the unsold turkey from Thanksgiving.

  19. Not for nothing, most don’t know anything about the Swanson TV dinners. We grew up with all that. Brings back memories and reality on how broke our families were back in the day

  20. If you close it in a bit you can make

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