1. Why 6 year old with a gun in kindergarten doesn't narrow it enough to pin point which kid you are talking about you know you have a problem America

  2. There was a super popular askreddit post about how to curb shootings in America and the only suggestions we’re about mental health and all kinds of horseshit that didn’t involve not selling guns to everyone like they’re candy bars. That county is past the point of being a civilized.

  3. It was a note-for-note cover of Led Zeppelin IV with Classic Albums Live!

  4. That’s rad! They always have great bands at those, went to the Bob Marley years ago and had a great time.

  5. From what I’ve heard no new york fans will take his side in this petty battle

  6. Only one side uses children for terrorism, there is no symmetry.

  7. I’ve scrapped some expensive Jet engine parts worth a million+ dollars . Shit happens it’s about dusting yourself off and getting back on the horse. You probably generate a lot of money for your boss so it’s all relative. I’ve never seen anyone fired for scraping parts I have seen people fired for Lying about scraping parts

  8. Being honest about mistakes is the best way to gain trust from your boss and co workers, I’ve seen so many guys come and go because they try to hide their mistakes and pretend they’re perfect when they could have just said sorry I fucked this one up.

  9. I guess I was just trying to humbly make a point that he’s getting slammed not because the car is particularly hated but because it doesn’t belong in this forum because it’s not JDM.

  10. they are interested, 320+ upvotes so far. 😭💀

  11. Damn op, what did you do to hurt so many of the commenters?

  12. F1 was making billions long before Netflix was even a thing.

  13. Williams is the 3rd place team in regards to championships, they deserve a spot

  14. I’m not saying that, just wondering how much all the teams think they have contributed to the “growth” the sport is seeing right now because of a tv show with made up story lines and memes about team principals. If liberty could actually get that much right now they would sell because everyone knows this is not permanent, especially going into a likely recession. Turing away new teams with new money is crazy even if things look real good right now.

  15. Classic, hopefully that year Redbull, Mercedes, Ferrari, Alpine, etc all aim for 2nd.

  16. It's a Snap-On brand screw driver. Snap-On tools are expensive and high quality

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