1. There’s a rapper named head band Andy (known for sounding a lot like Carti) who made a cover version of batgang (a snippet of a song by Carti) that sounds really good and accurate (the picture on the left is the cover art on Spotify to the song) and basically when the real Carti version of batgang gets leaked people will stop listening to the Head band Andy cover

  2. You ain’t Fuck up the mall the Fucked you up 😤

  3. The cancer of the underground is finally gone, when he banned Summrs that’s where I drew the fuckin line

  4. My character development is crazy. I was saying this was cringe Litteraly a day ago. and now I get excited for every notification and update for this album. Thank you for changing my life Confident Agency. Thank you.

  5. His underground videos always motivate me when I feel like I’m struggling in life

  6. Nah Fr tho. They relaxing ash too idk why

  7. amazing album fosho, only letdown was no features. Either way he made album of the year with no features so impressive 🔥👌🏾

  8. Fr my friend was fucking with the drill EP a lot more tho 😭

  9. Why was that slam so delicate tho

  10. I hate niggas who u can’t mention when replying

  11. Just delete the @ in the comment they’ll still get it

  12. I’m surprised Selena ain’t leak, it sound great tho

  13. Fr. The vocals leaked tho, Cause talk 2 me is using the Selena vocals

  14. I was about to say the same thing 😭 bro stole the hearts of the crowd back to him

  15. bro is this support or hate reddit? y’all confusing and pressed ova bra opinion, not saying i agree but sum of yall talking crazy. am i trippin ??

  16. Learn how to hold your favorite rapper accountable for the weird shit they do

  17. It’s flawed but still a pretty good project for me nonetheless

  18. Be careful what you say! You’ll upset the Cash Carti soldiers 😟

  19. The mixing is clearly made to sound like punk rock which is what carti was going for on wlr

  20. That’s what these people don’t understand 😭

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