1. Format the whole disk not only the partition. It just happen to me. In disk utility there is an option to show the whole disk (I think is in view) and there you will find the “root” disk and you will able to format it and get the whole capacity

  2. Hey! Check out Valencia Language Exchange on fb. I haven’t been in those meeting, but my roommate has and he like them a lot. They have a salsa day, but I don’t remember which one.

  3. How many are they? I thought many, but if it was, one in Brasil wouldn’t be a big deal, right?

  4. Are there any particular multiband gate plugins you'd recommend for this? It looks like this could be the solution to some mixing issues I've had.

  5. iZotope neutron has a great multiband, as many of their plug ins… however, you could also copy and filter the signal creating your own “multiband” signal to process later and then sum it again in a bus or something like that. This is multiband gating (or processing) with extra steps, but it will do the job if you can’t get a multiband processor.

  6. I got an H5 with a Thomann card and it had failures… when I read about it, it said that most of them work with cards up to 16Gb. I don’t know if it’s true, but with my Sandisk SDHC 16 GB never have had an issue. And audio doesn’t take much space, so unless you expect to record +20 hours on one run, you will be fine.

  7. I would ideally record between an hour or upto 3 hours. Then I will go with the 16 GB one. Thanks.

  8. But go with Sandisk, always Sandisk!

  9. Ay, yo también quiero saber! 😱

  10. There is a public music library with rehearsal rooms and some of them have piano. You need a cita previa (an appointment) to have access to it.

  11. Por la Elipa hay otra igual que solo abre los Jueves!! Ahora me pregunto si tendrán cola… pasaré a ver qué tal va la cosa 😅

  12. Unless the room it is in is the Sahara desert it probably won't need the cap and without it it will get lots of light. They turn red when they are happy with the light.

  13. Thank you!! I didn’t know that! I was told to keep the cap to maintain humidity. I’ll remove the cap a few days and see how it goes :)

  14. Sundews usually appreciate high humidity. But usually what keeps them from thriving is not getting enough light. They like lots and lots of light, which is common for carnivorous plants. For a lot of them changing the shape of the leaves to be able to catch insects comes with the drawback of them not being able to photosynthesise as well as plants that specialize their leaf shape for that purpose alone.

  15. Thanks for sharing that knowledge! If you see the pics, there are two pots, the inside one has the plant and the outer one has always clean water to keep the plant watered and humid :)

  16. Sometimes I run into some issues with an i7 and it’s a temperature issue, in on a Mac so idk if this is going to help, but managing the temperature on the cpu fix that problem for me.

  17. The SSL native essential bundle is in offer in their

  18. I love them. I use them in almost every mix and I’m very comfortably with them. The bus compressor is a bit cpu hungry (it also has an oversampling feature),but nothing to worry about. Totally recommended 👌👌

  19. Yo me fui y vivo feliz. Me fui antes del estallido.. Hay un montón de cosas que se extrañan de chile, partiendo por la familia. Si te puedo ayudar en algo, mándame un DM. Lo que si te puedo decir ahora, es que tengas un plan sólido. Migrar no es fácil y puede ser aterrador. Un saludo!

  20. I’m using the Macbook Air M1 and I have zero cpu issues when i’m producing beats in fl studio but when I get to the end of a mix in pro tools with multiple artist then I start running into cpu issues. So it should work great for small tasks.

  21. Great! Are you using the base model or upgraded 16Gb of memory??

  22. I’m using a MacBook Air M1 with 16gb Ram. In theory this computer can handle full size professional projects in Logic Pro X, but in practice this is not the case for me. I can’t tell you how often I come across poor Logic loading, various bugs, and just general poor performance. I have rarely had an experience like this with Apple products but I’m ready to throw this thing out the window. I dread opening a project on my Mac whereas my PC performs like a beast.

  23. Oh wow. That’s a bummer. I’ve heard great things of pro tools on M1 even under Roseta. I’m in need of a machine to run side tasks while I’m using the old i7.. I will keep investigating. Besides the ARA not running natively, have you used Melodyne as an aax? Thanks for your comment !!

  24. Yo lo he hecho algunas veces y depende mucho de como te vean presencialmente. Para contextualizar, yo vine desde Chile pero tengo DNI. Me ha funcionado eso de dejar varios meses por adelantado, pero insisto que todo es cosa de hablarlo con las personas o agencias. Actualmente vivo en Ciudad Lineal, si queréis puedes enviarme un privado y te enseño la agencia que me resolvió el problema la última vez por si te llegase a servir.

  25. I’m still using the S2 hahaha. I think this year I’m going to replace it tho.

  26. I might be mistaken, but it looks Chile, where that’s is a common method for stealing cars. Really shitty

  27. I’m a sound engineer, so music is really important to me. I have Spotify because of work, but I use Tidal for a couple of weeks and I’m really really loving it. Totally recommended.

  28. They will charge you tax, depending on which State you live in.

  29. I’m not from the states and didn’t have to pay any tax. I bought it yesterday. Maybe because it isn’t physical? Idk really

  30. Killing monsters…. Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Vengo a ofrecer mi conocimiento para el secado. Siempre de arriba a abajo y por último los pies, por si llegas a tener hongos y no se te vayan a otros lugares. Yo después me rayé y ocupo siempre el mismo lugar de la toalla para los pies xd

  32. Yo salí de chile poco antes del estallido. Y, si bien me gusta mucho mucho Chile, de fuera se ve que hay cosas que no funcionan. Me da mucha pena que la gente, por ejemplo, haya votado por Kast pensando que Boric es comunista… sin embargo, al menos en el primer mundo, el fascismo es el que está penado y condenado. Dicho esto, a pesar de que hay cosas muy buenas en chile, instituciones que valen la pena y mucho progreso, en mi opinión, lo más terrible es el clasismo tan intrínseco en la sociedad, donde se mira para abajo y para arriba por el posible poder adquisitivo, tratando mal a la gente o creyéndose superiores/inferiores. Otra cosa es la precariedad laboral y que todo el mundo ande enojado y pateando la perrra.

  33. IMO sounds fun but I’d get tired pretty quickly if it’s just “cannabis in Star Wars universe”. I think a high Star Wars analysis could be funnier. Good luck!

  34. That’s a super popular opinion lol

  35. Hola! Escríbeme, yo estoy en chile ahora pero vivo en madrid! Alto amor por las ramitas ❤️

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