1. I got a question. Why did you ban a femboy from here simply because their content was getting popular? And when I went to investigate all that you went and told them to “eat shit”.

  2. Christ on a cross 💀 Yeah my bad. But still ya can’t pass off the mf for that. They did explain in an aggressive manner that it IS rather unfair. And it’s not really a full blown vote manipulation. Now the damage is done and there’s only so much we can do 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. This was not our first communication to them and a (respectful) response has been sent to their message explaining the details and potential steps forward.

  4. We don't typically comment on bans for privacy reasons, but I suggest you go re-examine

  5. These sorts of posts are so common and there’s not really any payoff for the sender. Always makes me wonder if anyone actually gets anything and if so what sort of stuff they get.

  6. But it’s the same character than my other post ?

  7. The other post had clothing and muscles in some of the poses which allowed for a bit of obfuscation of genitalia, or at least some plausible deniability for knowing that the character was one gender or the other. This post, and others we've removed, do not do so. There are either immediately visible (and large) breasts or vaginas that are the only visible genitalia.

  8. Looks like the bot got it wrong. I would normally ask OP to find the source link, but I was curious so I dug for it myself. Bit of a rabbit hole, but here is the correct source:

  9. Oh weird. I didn’t check cause I assumed the bot would get it right. I had a twitter link so I could’ve saved you some trouble, but thanks!

  10. No worries. Yea the maker of the bot set it up so that it will pick results even if the confidence of a match is very low. Sometimes it's just wrong.

  11. No need to keep reporting this or argue in the comments folks. This post is explicitly allowed per

  12. FYI - this is incorrect. I am a mod here and per rule 6, reverse traps are explicitly allowed as long as it's noted in the title. You've done that correctly, so this post is just fine.

  13. Those links were auto-removed by Reddit as that site is considered a spam site. We cannot approve your comment unless you find another source.

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