1. Maybe a stop at The Garden on your way home.

  2. Can't wait. They're still planning a space for a kitchen, right? I need those fried curds.

  3. Depends on her style but I love Bohindi for minimalist everyday jewelry.

  4. Every time I see a post like this, I'm saddened because I miss Kihachi.

  5. As someone who drives this stretch multiple times daily... This will be a clusterfuck. There is too much traffic as is. Not sure how that is supposed to get better with less lanes.

  6. This type of strategy is called a "road diet". Basically they are planning to make traffic worse so that people stop using it unless they really need to. They do this basically to discourage people from using it as a shortcut or bypass from other areas so that people only drive the area if they really need to.

  7. Pretty sure the lane conversion is not occurring in the commercial section (but this area could certainly use some improvements to traffic safety in other ways). I think the intention is for the road diet to start after College. Perhaps the slowing of traffic in the residential part will back up into the commercial area though, not sure. I wish that whole commercial section could be demolished and reconfigured with safety in mind.

  8. The goal is for Livingston to not be used as a freeway. So yes, traffic will likely move slower as a result. That’s the point. Perhaps some of the reckless drivers will be inconvenienced and choose to take another route, ideally the highway, instead of speeding through this residential area. Fingers crossed!

  9. Private landlords are a gem. We moved to Grandview 6 years ago. We paid $840/month starting out for our 2-bedroom. Our landlord increased the rent once in 2018 and we now pay $885/mo. I found out that the other tenants pay $1,200/mo. Our landlord has become like a family member. He said he charges the 20-somethings more to rent because they'll pay more for walkability. We've also taken such amazing care of the place that he won't have to dump money into repairs. Genuinely nice guy who notices good tenants and keeps in mind one's circumstances versus treating renters like one size fits all. We don't take his kindness for granted and would like to live here longer, but living so close to High Bank Distillery has taken its toll on our physical and mental well-being (I don't even know where to begin). Good landlords DO exist. We'll be sad to move soon.

  10. Would you share what you mean in your reference to living close to High Bank Distillery? What about it is taking a toll?

  11. Yea botox would be the most effective solution and possibly cheaper than than buying several products to try out. Sad that you are getting down voted for offering the most practical advise.

  12. Agreed. The downvotes don't make sense. Botox IS the quick and easy answer to the lines that already exist. Add in a consistent skincare routine of tretinoin and sunscreen to slow the signs of aging skin. If you want. We're aging. It's okay.

  13. I looked at a house there that I really liked. But really didn’t want to exit my neighborhood everyday to 161 or Cleveland Ave. nice neighborhood surrounded by not so nice area.

  14. Your sentiment of not wanting to see a bad area when leaving your nice area hasn't seemed to stop people buying in other places similar to Minerva Park for crazy over asking prices too (Westgate, Bexley/Berwick/Eastmoor, other downtown neighborhoods).

  15. When I moved to Columbus from North NJ a few years ago, I ended up in Downtown near the convention center. I am now across from Franklin Park and enjoy it a lot more.

  16. Franklin Park is one of the most beautiful parks we've got (to me)! How lovely to see that every day!

  17. I moved here in 2005 and ended up in Central Eastmoor, just east of Bexley. It's an amazing hidden gem of a neighborhood. 10 minutes to downtown, 15 to OSU or Easton, 20 to Polaris, and a short walk to all the great shops in Bexley.

  18. Love Eastmoor. We're in Berwick so I feel the same way, love the neighborhood. I love the old trees, large backyards, and proximity to downtown and basically everywhere. Feels very central.

  19. Parsons is a very dangerous street to live on

  20. Or we could encourage people to move there and then maybe it won't seem so scary and dangerous.

  21. Bexley already has families on waiting lists with their realtors for homes every year. Last month I saw a realtor post on a FB group for bexley residents that between them and their two other team members, they have a list of 26 people (or families) waiting for a home in Bexley.

  22. Aside from not being in Bexley schools, much of Bexley-adjacent (Berwick and Eastmoor) is very nice with beautiful homes and large yards.

  23. They are building a Sheetz gas station and convenience store there.

  24. Another one? There’s a Turkey Hill gas station almost directly across the street, no?

  25. Sorry, misread the permits, it’s going to be a Sheetz, the Turkey Hill permit was for a remodel of their car wash in the same area.

  26. I like it pretty loud, especially since that discourages the talkers!

  27. Same! The loud music is one of the reasons I like Orange the most. If it bugged me or I was concerned about my ear-health (and probably should be), it's on me to wear protection or not attend the classes.

  28. The documentary "Betting on Zero" is exactly why you shouldn't support Herbalife storefronts.

  29. I'm worried this recommendation will get buried in the comments but it's such a good documentary (sadly no longer on netlfix) but worth watching if you can find it. As well as LuLaRich and the podcast The Dream. Great anti-mlm investigative content on youtube as well that really deep dives into the predatory and manipulative practices.

  30. Please reach out to Keep Columbus Beautiful!

  31. I think Orange Theory would for what you’re looking for, only thing that they wouldn’t be able to accommodate is using the equipment when there aren’t any classes happening. There is a Location in Clintonville on North High Street which sounds right about where you are relocating.

  32. It's at least worth trying the free class!

  33. My fiancé and I were just thinking of booking a hotel by Scioto mile just to be down there and walk the mile and walk Columbus and just tour the city.

  34. Please still do it (but with the every day caution we unfortunately need to have no matter where we are).

  35. I go to BB Aesthetic to get mine done. Kerie is fantastic.

  36. Shhhh her schedule is busy enough ;) ;) Love her.

  37. So again, sounds like we should probably do some work on it and this would be a step in the right direction.

  38. Completely agree. In one comment we hate on abandoned buildings and in the next we are criticizing the plans to develop a space to be used for something.

  39. Love the idea of skydiving (it’s a thrill!) but in my experience, it took several hours of information, paperwork, waiting, etc. before we even went up and it would kind of suck to have your group hanging around waiting when you’re the only one jumping. I hope your process leading up to the jump is quick/you get everyone else on board because it really is exhilarating!

  40. What's that phrase? Something like 'Fast, cheap, or good. You can pick two.'

  41. I mean it’s the classic Gentrification argument really. New Money moves in, forces others out. It’s not necessarily bad. My issue is with the flippers. Taking a 150k affordable house for many and making it unaffordable for some now. I make a good amount of money, but I would be a first time home buyer and I can’t compete with all cash offers. I can put 20+ percent down and get pre approved, but if I am competing with a corporate landlord or flipper, then they take me out of the market. It’s not good but also not necessarily evil either. Just of product of HGTV and the world we live in now.

  42. I’ve seen Hungarian Village and Reeb-Hossack start listing houses in the 200k which is insane. Flippers are just buying what they can and listing it. I wouldn’t live there just yet.

  43. I hear you. It's just that people who will take care of their homes/yards moving to HV (and presumably not involved in crime) is exactly what it will take to improve an area, no? So shouldn't we encourage all the folks who can't quite afford the 'very desirable' areas to move to the 'less desirable' areas? What side of this am I (inevitably) not seeing?

  44. We went to a soft open show last month and it was FUN! The theater is intimate and the ticket prices are very inexpensive. Everyone was so welcoming. Returning this weekend! Highly recommend this hidden gem...that won't stay hidden for long.

  45. Your skin is stunning. I just looked up the Habit sunscreen. A mister for application!?! Never seen this before. I would love more details about your experience using this sunscreen. Do you apply once before makeup at the start of the day? Ease of application over makeup during the day? Does the recommendation of 7 spritz 'feel' sufficient? Dry down time? Do you use their subscription program? Says one bottle has 30 applications- wondering if you've found this to be accurate. I'm on the quest for that magic face sunscreen. Thanks!

  46. Please have your teen do this research and make the needed calls as much as they are able to do so without your assistance! Also your teen might knows these answers from friends/classmates.

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