1. Posts that were written by Alexander, Warrior Jar

  2. A bot... Mmmm... Indeed. I have slept long enough. The kingdom of Tumblr has long since forgotten my name, and I am EAGER to make them remember.

  3. …HOWEVER. The blood of The Cookie Clicker Guy stains your hands, and I must admit, I’m curious about your posts, spammer… And so, before I tear down the blogs, and CRUSH the armies of staff…you shall do as an appetizer.

  4. cant wait for P-3 Flesh Orb and/or Flesh Cone

  5. bro sounds like lin manuel miranda💀

  6. New Unspeakable Tragedy just dropped

  7. we makin it out of the adoption center wit this one🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

  9. Hoooo! It is hot as hell in this hot-ass, funky-ass Ilyria City i’m in-

  10. tumbs when you lift a rock:

  11. A whole person just falls out of one of those holes in the weirdest way possible

  12. well, they did say that it was their hole and that it was made for them

  13. hmm today i wont remember where i came from


  15. she was like a fox; she loves diving headfirst into soft ground with reckless abandon

  16. No, you’re thinking of serotonin. Sanremo is the women's apartments in an Ottoman palace.

  17. No, that’s the Seraglio. The Sanremo was one of the three sailing vessels that him and his crew had sailed on across the ocean blue

  18. O, death…become my blade once more…

  19. “My name is Jenos, yo. My most loyal disciple is Buck, yo? Uh huh? He told me everything.”

  20. Its cold out imma wear ma jamas

  21. I have no idea what most of those words mean in this context.

  22. You are telling me the perfectly generic items from Starbound are a Homestuck reference!?

  23. A quick search on the Starbound wiki brings up:

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