1. My favorite episode is easily the finale. Just so much and I loved it. However I like book two more. Hot take maybe but book three has some filler that I just don’t like flowing with the show. It’s still really good but it’s not as strong as two. Book three has higher highs but there’s just less of it imo.

  2. Oh yeah I saw that one, it was pretty good! The one by James Cameron, right?

  3. Stop messing around it’s not funny anymore. Clearly the one by M night Shymalan

  4. I’m so confused what’s ap rizz? For me it goes ap euro, apush, then ap gov. But that’s just me

  5. Right because republicans always leave the economy better, it’s always Dems that ruin everything.

  6. When was the last time a republican president left the economy in a better position than they found it?

  7. I was more struck by the way that she had to talk to him like he was a toddler.

  8. I'm a deputy, just look at my badge I definitely didn't find in a dollar store dumpster.

  9. Democrats made up false reasons to impeach Trump. Revenge would be sweet.

  10. No they didn't. Call me when dems extort Ukraine or incite a coup to overturn an election.

  11. Nobody on the Right wants Kamala as President. Biden is basically Impeachment proof.

  12. I'll be surprised if it gets unanimous republican support although i suspect very few wouldn't impeach

  13. “Don’t believe every quote you read on the internet” —Abraham Lincoln

  14. To my knowledge, they only do for school-day tests..not for National weekend ones. But someone can correct me if I'm wrong...

  15. Gotcha thx. I was confused to why i got one in March and not December

  16. They’d be in a better position to win the Senate and have a bigger majority in the House. It is undeniable that along with shitty candidates, Republicans going too far to the right socially is a big factor in pushing out truly moderate voters (ie not the ones who only say they are moderate to hide the fact they are truly right-wing for dates/dating). Honestly though it wasn’t just Dobbs alone, it was State Republicans passing or allowing to become law total bans or 6-week bans. That’s far too extreme a position or law when it comes to abortion rights. They’ll lose the suburban voters for a generation as long as total bans or 6-week bans exist anywhere. If all the most red state of State Republicans did was pass 15-18 bans at a minimum and all the red-governed purple state State Republicans passed in their states were 18-20 week bans at a minimum, the reaction wouldn't have been as bad and Republicans might have escaped the electoral impact we're seeing and will see in the midterms and beyond.

  17. True. Comments about a national abortion ban also aren't helpful.

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