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  1. I don't get why people like Damon, he's pure evil, raping Caroline? and killing a whole bunch of people, he consistently murders a bunch of innocent people. His only reason for not doing it, is it would piss off his deranged lover.

  2. He should have used the example in Ohio, but that didn’t fit the narrative. Hey in California a bee is considered a fish (not kidding) so maybe the whole world is effed up?

  3. Classic American move, comparing 2 of their own states and saying its the world.

  4. You think that's bad. A couple weeks ago I bought an injector case for 149 900. I still feel bad!

  5. Yo! Me too, I got one for bout the same price, I had to do a double take when I saw it hahah

  6. She is ruthless and she takes a lot of shit, but she also gives a ton of shit, too much, to people that don’t really deserve that. She’s insanely mean to Jamie and I understand why to a degree, but she’s been harboring that for what? 20 years? (Besides the fact that it still makes zero sense she had a hysterectomy in a walk-in clinic and waltzed out and on her way home the same day)

  7. Idk about you but I'd hold a grudge if someone tricked me into getting my nads chopped off, plus all the other crap that Jamie has pulled. And the walking out of the clinic part is just a bit of bad writing? I never gave it a second thought so don't know why you're using that part to hate on the character?

  8. Who said I used that to hate on her? It’s not bad writing, it’s completely inaccurate. You’re a man so I figured you wouldn’t understand the inaccuracies. Hence why you didn’t give it a second thought. Sterilization during abortion ended in the 70s. Even if they were still illegally performing them on reservations, it wouldn’t be a hysterectomy, it’d be a tubal ligation which is an in and out procedure. A total hysterectomy is a week hospital stay and bed ridden up to a month. It’s just inaccurate, even if he duped her, there’s still not a chance in hell anyone walks into a medical procedure and isn’t told what’s going to happen. Especially when she was a scared 16 yo. I don’t hate her character at all. I simply said she’s insanely mean to Jamie. And she’s the one that forced him to take her to the clinic.

  9. Again it's just bad writing, happens all the time in TV shows. I feel like you're reading way to much into that part

  10. Yea same with Bader St, always some fella with dirt bike or harley fully revving at midnight

  11. I wish I could get paid actors like this in my raids.

  12. He was probably fully covered by the grass, his scope isn't rendering it tho. Nice lil graphics glitch I might try it out

  13. Is this sub just for bitching and moaning? Anytime it shows up on my feed people are just whinging about anything

  14. I still remember the first time that happend with my group of friends, he started going through my kill so I warned him off. Next kill happens and I turn around to see him neck deep in that one too, so I just shoot him in the face. Everyone except him agreed it was justified and we never had that problem again.

  15. The narration was the worst part of the show. Oh, and that she was the only one in her family with that ridiculous accent. Overall I liked it a lot though.

  16. Hah I never noticed that hahah

  17. viable strategy for what exactly? watching pixelated number that gets reset every 6 months go up? It’s not real gameplay. I’ve let people go because I felt like an extract camper just happening to be near extract when a gun fight started. If you extract camp I already have an idea what your life is like irl and it isn’t good.

  18. Extract camping is a great way for loot, guy loots map, picks up all the good stuff and brings it right to you. Shoot him get all the loot and his gear, how is that not a great strat?

  19. It all comes down to one thing. Money. They pushed so many factors to client side to save server processing so they literally don't have to upgrade or pay for better infrastructure. I literally bust out laughing every time someone like Klean mentions this Tarkov 1.0 where its going to be a open world style when they can't even get one map to run over 70 fps on a $7k PC with low end in game settings. All of the desync comes back to so much being client side, all the modding that we're dealing with comes back to so much being client side. The ping limit increase also didn't help the situation at all either. I just don't really have an answer anymore other than it's going to cost them more time and money which they are actually going to offer neither. I know people are going to say "You can't make that assumption" . Well we're six years in and we've gone more backwards at this point today than we have forward since the days of only having Kiver, Fort, Paca, and Kolpac. They have to get the base game under control before adding anything else to it. No more items or anything that's going to add to the list of stuff that has to load or render in, etc. Just get the base game straight before even looking at any of that.

  20. True, never thought of that, I imagine paying for and upgrading all those servers for years would be really expensive. And tarkov only has a one time payment so I can see why the devs would do that

  21. Mfw dice taking 6 months to fix that is exponentially better than what bsg has done with tarkov’s netcode

  22. Dice is alot bigger and with bigger backing than battlestate, comparing them isn't realistic

  23. Nz or aussie doesn't have as many nutjobs as america

  24. That's what you get for buying apple

  25. I don't think people realize just how starved men are for positive attention.

  26. 1st time i got a compliment from a stranger was about 15 years ago when I was 15, she told me I had cute hair. Still think about it from time to time.

  27. As long as you don't get the burger angry you're fine

  28. That's horror movie stuff, if my flatmates cat did that I'd think the grudge was in the house.

  29. Always wondered why americans don't have switches on their sockets

  30. Whoever his evil twin was, that made me stop watching. What kind of crappy soap oprea stuff was that?

  31. Yea expecially when fun land was talking to that other guy about the best ways to get their victims

  32. you know, Jeff, I've been known to fuck myself

  33. There were alot world wide sure, but should be rare that any one local area has a noticeable drop in population

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