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  1. Good point. I'll get another place to take a proper look at the tire.

  2. Hello, I didn't see anything covering this specific scenario in the stickied thread so I hope it's ok to ask.

  3. always thought there should be some Watcher specific achievements.

  4. Thanks man, it's tough going. Maybe I need to actually sit down and read some stuff or watch someone else play to get some ideas.

  5. I'd recommend watching Baalorlord. He's good at explaining his thought process and decision making.

  6. I wanted to get into Space Exploration a while back but the mod made my game stutter every minute or so and I couldn't figure any solution out.

  7. This album is 15 tracks. Probably gonna be their longest record to date?

  8. 52 minutes (according to Metal Archives) so yeah it's their longest yet.

  9. The goal is that it’s about 50/50 - but it’s up to the player how they want to spend their time. Trying to give you a bit of freedom with it.

  10. who's doing the ost? sounds really cool

  11. I've tried, and I love Gorguts, but this level is too high for me.

  12. Their first album is an easier listen imo. I'd give it a shot if you haven't already.

  13. I did it with Rogues (and some help from critters). Started with the usual strategy of getting Merchant + one other Mercenary class as soon as possible. Got Assassination as my first item, so I just picked every Rogue I could.

  14. No since i am assuming that he is referring to mbytes.. since that is usually being used when downloading files. Also : is the normal sign for dividing here.

  15. lowercase b (which they used) is for bits. B for bytes.

  16. nope. Mega prefix is always capitalized.

  17. The full album can be streamed here now:

  18. Yeah for sure. Sounds like we're on the same page.

  19. weird to me that it's been put off for so long when it's the most frequently used building in the game.

  20. I think this album is their magnum opus, hard to believe they could top Everything Is Fire, Destoyers of All, AND Shrines of Paralysis.

  21. Only given it 5 plays so far, but I don't think it tops Everything is Fire. My love for that album is immense.

  22. "Abandoned" isn't the best word choice since it implies the game is unfinished. They've over delivered already with the free Watcher update.

  23. My guess: people watch the other streamers for the specific games they play (like Hearthstone, League, etc), and wouldn't care about casual mobile games at all.

  24. My struggle is still just killing the first shop keeper without dying in the first place lol


  26. How about a pact of punishment that doubles his voice lines?

  27. idk if I could handle that heat

  28. Thought he for sure had it after Spelunky.

  29. i am not one of these hardcore people who care about staying true to the genre, it's just strange system because i thought that ideally the further you go into the game it should become harder, with this system it becomes easier and easier

  30. After you win once the Pact of Punishment is introduced, which allows you to increase the difficulty in various ways.

  31. hello, looking for "weird" death metal from the past couple years that I might have missed.

  32. thanks. familiar with a few but I'll check the others out

  33. Hey love the ost; still haven't tired of it after hundreds of hours (can't say that for any other rougelite I've played)

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