man have a breakdown

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  1. Not for nothing, but this sounds like severe depression with a helping of misogyny, to the point that it's curdled into anger.

  2. You wouldnt because if you watch a movie showing white saviour colonists in Africa and knew the history of Europe in the continent (and more recently the US) then you would be as physically repulsed as I have been growing up seeing whitewashed history. But you wouldn't know about it because you don't jump to write a thesis on it like you do when seeing a movie about Africans in a different light. If anything it shows how your fragile egos are so dependent on rose-tinted glasses of history.

  3. "I'm very Far Left". No you're not. At best you're a white liberal/leftist using the label to bash people who are legitimately leftists. No leftist would use a word like "whitey" to mock brown/black leftists.

  4. Nah. I vacillate between considering myself an Anarchist or a Socialist depending on what day of the week it is, but I'm pretty severe in my beliefs. I use the word "whitey" as a white person because it's hilarious. It's a funny word.

  5. I still don’t get the two parts where she sees the other weird beings before she finds the genie. I kept thinking “oh no is this going to end up being that she has a brain tumor or something?”

  6. They also appear in the Djinn's first story as audience members of Sheba's court.

  7. Still don’t get why she was seeing them or what they were doing. Can they see the future? Did they know she was going to find the Djinn? Did they want to stop her?

  8. For me, I thought they were possibly manifestations of the Djinn reaching out for someone to find him. Or her imagination. Or both.

  9. I don't expect you to feel bad. You have to have a soul to be able to feel guilt. My ancestors didn't go around conquering, raping and pillaging and never tried to cause any genocides, never started or participated in any world wars. So yeah, mine are pretty clean.

  10. Hahahaha what a stupid fucking idiot you are, holy shit

  11. Wait a minute, OP - I remember that too. I played a demo of the game at Toys R Us before it came out and it was huge.

  12. Frankly, I think the world would be a lot better if you were all shot off into the sun. And I mean that genuinely.

  13. Man, I don't know why I lurk on this subreddit, as a guy who was cheated on in his marriage in a really, really bad way. You are all just completely terrible people. Holy shit, if I ever needed more evidence to support my misanthropy, here it is.

  14. Mirage all the way for me. The IDW comics are fun, but they feel way too sterilized.

  15. Giant Big Head fan, here. Which reminds me - long shot, but does anyone have a lead on an early draft of the film's screenplay, when it was a straight adaptation of the comic? I've been looking for it for a decade?

  16. This whole "three timelines" thing is just silly. Remember how much simpler and easier it was when Ocarina of Time was the unambiguous prequel to A Link To The Past, and whatever differences there were chronologically could be chalked up to "the event was so long ago that it became mythologized"?

  17. George Miller rarely does that kind of stuff for his films, as much as I'd like him to - there is a commentary with him and Dean Semler for The Road Warrior, but that's about it.

  18. "today we openly talk about sex, have multiple partners, get divorced etc without it being frowned upon by the masses."

  19. I'm gonna be real with you - there has never been a period of time in human history where these were stable concepts. Ever.

  20. Generally, I don't get disappointed by a film unless it's really, really bad and belies a lack of passion or care. Films are a mosaic art, and there's always some element to enjoy, appreciate or learn from.

  21. I’m sure you know this, but you have to get out of there. Stay as far away from her as you can. She is not good for you. Don’t bring it up to her. Stay away from her as much as your exceedingly unfortunate living situation allows. Get out as soon as you can.

  22. I'm getting the feeling. We've broken up once before and got back together, but this time, after last night, I don't think that's even a remote possibility anymore.

  23. ". . .Here comes Ivor the Engine Driver to make you feel much better."

  24. It is that way in the comic, but it's treated a bit differently - V isn't meant to be as much of a character as he is in the film. He's an enigma, a cipher. A mystery for Evey and Finch to try to figure out. He's someone everyone else bounces off of, and in his machinations he's presented as (if you'll pardon the cliche expression) a Force of Nature, equal to Norsefire.

  25. Holy shit, what Half Price Books in Austin is this? It can't be North Lamar, because I was just there and it didn't look like this.

  26. South Park Meadows :). And damn I was planning on checking out the one on Lamar.

  27. Damn. Well, to Southpark Meadows I go, then - haven't been there in a minute, but I was surprised when I went a few months ago.

  28. Alright, glad to see we got a best picture on our hands

  29. Oh, I don't pay attention to Metacritic. Only Rotten Tomatoes, if I pay attention to any aggregate at all.

  30. You don’t pay attention to metacritic because it reveals the truth. RT is just an average of how many people give a thumbs up or thumbs down. Results in a ton of movies getting wrong scores. Educate yourself

  31. My dude, I don't even put that much stock into review aggregate sites. Do you know how many brilliant, influential films were ravaged when they were released?

  32. Not really. Bi people are romantically and sexually attracted to both sexes. Heteroflexible people are only romantically attracted to the opposite sex and would overwhelmingly choose an opposite sex partner. They're just ok with the possibility of a same sex interaction if it were to happen.

  33. . . .I mean, not really. Bisexuality is a spectrum. By that definition, a fairly large majority of people who call themselves Bisexual are only "heteroflexible," myself included.

  34. I'll repost what I said in the main thread on

  35. I loved it. I think it's going to find an audience with time. Possibly the most experimental thing Miller's done so far, and it isn't for everyone - but you can feel the passion for storytelling in every frame, and the fact that this is a film by a keen Narratologist in his own right. It's use of mythological archetypes is incredibly well-researched, by the way.

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