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  1. Actually, I want spring and middle of the road and smoky’s and workkerbee to move to somewhere else besides America

  2. What can you say about someone that was stupid enough to vote for the stupid first celebrity idiot? That wanted the idiot Reagan? I was never fooled by that clown.

  3. The ones with your alter ego from another dimension

  4. No you don’t and you’re beyond boring 😃

  5. Man people here literally can’t help but fall over themselves making excuses for our garbage ass systems.

  6. Yeah but a big chunk of them are allocated to outfitters rather than individuals.

  7. And the outfitters ranchers and miners run the way our rivers and creeks are managed.

  8. They saw a blank expression. I see a deer in the headlights.

  9. What kind of expression did this idiot have on his face when he was talking about mushroom clouds before he lied and we invaded Iraq? You all should listen to us liberals more often. Republicans are complete idiots and they lie all the time. All of them.

  10. This defines Murica. We can’t think of better things anymore. That’s why we ended up with Donald Trump.

  11. Same as Tennessee. The folks running California like to tax your income to death and then charge you for visiting your public lands. Silly bureaucrats.

  12. As soon as an Murican starts making fun of California, I smell Donald Trump.

  13. I’m gonna say with your post, I hope you don’t visit public lands. The infrastructure needs are huge. They are being overrun.

  14. We're going to pretend you didn't say something that dumb. For your own sake.

  15. People wonder why we are running out of energy and we are drilling oil in the most sensitive places on the planet now

  16. It began when Nixon was pardoned by Ford Helped along with Reagan lying about Jimmy Carter And changing the fairness doctrine

  17. This is a matter of fairness in my mind. Why shouldn’t older or less able people be able to have the same experiences?

  18. That’s your homework assignment. To actually think of reasons why.

  19. Just think how great Murica could be, if we stopped electing Republicans

  20. And then there could be the story of the logging industry and Public Lands. The gas and oil industry. The coal industry. Hunting groups. Ski resorts.

  21. Agriculture is just another horrible lying greedy capitalist venture.

  22. Only Japanese Honey bees know how to do this technique because they have to deal with these hornets for centuries. American bees get massacred within minutes. That’s why it’s a big deal if we find these hornets in the US.

  23. Why don’t we just show the American bees this video? Give a man a fish he eats for a day, Teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime

  24. Give a man a fire he’ll be warm for a night. Set a man on fire he’ll be warm the rest of his life

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