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  1. Put these foolish ambitions to rest.

  2. I can’t even draw straight lines. What’s the point.

  3. I wouldn’t even be able do to the basic one lmao

  4. Y'all some unhelpful smartasses in this comment section. Kinda funny but I doubt OP gonna get much info from it

  5. I’m just confused on how to properly combo without using auto combos and I don’t understand much of the fighting game talk

  6. Yeah man Reddit's communities can be really toxic and filled with whiney people all over. My advice? If you want to feel good about yourself get off Reddit especially this sub. Like, I'm physically ugly solid 3/10 on the good days I'm sure. I'm in credit card debt, and I have to work to jobs to pay rent and to pay for my car and motorcycle. I don't have much going for me, but I still have the confidence to believe I can convince an attractive couple to let me be their third wheel for a few months. Will it ever happen? No, probably not, but that's okay because it's funny to tell people it will happen. And I might be exhausted but I'm happy man, and it's because I avoid toxicity when I can. And you should too, if you are looking for reasons to not date then obviously something bad happened, or you're feeling down and hopeless because you've struggled to get dates. I have a friend in a very similar situation except he can't stay off Twitter and the toxicity there keeps dragging him back to it and sets him off. And he sits there and tells us he is never going to find dates or a girl because he feels his last girlfriend was the only one who was going to like him. That's not true, and I believe the same for you man. Don't give up, get off Reddit, and go enjoy looking at cute girls until you get the nerve to ask one out my man. Or if you have the nerve then just go ask em out anyways go have fun. Life is way too damn short to mope on Reddit and to avoid relationships. Dating can be just as fun as it can be miserable and it's really your mindset that can make or break it usually.

  7. I really needed to read this advice but damn is it hard to exit that negative mindset sometimes

  8. I know brother it is, all I can reccommend is going cold turkey maybe even uninstalling Reddit, if it helps, and finding a fun hobby or two.

  9. Thank you man. I really appreciate it.

  10. I’m glad, her hit box in actress again is cancer

  11. “Accept Your Divine Pusishment!”

  12. No, there are still proteins, molecules, atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons

  13. I have the Precision T1700, think it's the same as yours?

  14. The Gpu just wouldn’t fit that’s why I removed it

  15. Lol I like the Legos to combat the non-existent gpu sag

  16. No it’s sags a ton if I remove it

  17. Ah yes, A fellow Dragon Ball Fan. Broly is the shit

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